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Update on Redface Magee being a racist little s#!t

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Maybe it's because it's the holiday season, but for a split second I actually believed BM1 was calling to apologise for Redfaces racist remark. That's what I get for thinking. She called me because DH didn't answer the phone when she called. I told him after work. He usualy can't answer the phone while he's working.
So, instead of that she figured she would just ask me.
BM1- Do either of you intend to help me pay for repairs to Redface glasses?
Me- What?
I mentally began preparing my email...
Dear HR department,
I think you should give great consideration to letting employees; who get phone calls from their DH's exes during a work day, have a nice glass of wine with lunch...
BM1- I mean it's not much but I figured since it's sort of yall fault...
Me-Excuse me? How is my fault your son is a racist and out of control and finally spouted off to the wrong people?
BM1- I would hardly call RFM a racist, he just got a little upset that's all. His dad should have protected him better.
Me- You know, I think you need to have this conversation with DH. I'm not the one! I don't care for your hippy dippy, lorax blowing tree hugging, my son is better than everyone and therefor should be treated like royalty by everyone. No, you're not getting one frickin penny out of me because he deserved it. Maybe if you did your job as a parent others wouldn't have to do it for you.
With that I hung up. I shouldn't be surprised, but I was. I texted DH and told him he better handle this, I bettr be left out of it, and if the bitch ever calls me at works and demands money from me again she'll get to see a whole lot of my anger issues.

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Maybe my glasses will fall off and I'll accidentaly hand him the elmers glue stick instead of the chapstick. What a peacful day that would be.

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What the ???

I want to reach through the phone and smack some sense into her except I suspect it wouldn't work because she doesn't seem to have the sense she was given!

Maybe she's inhaled too much incense???