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Yay I get to do it.

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DH made an appointment with a lawyer. Today he calls me and asks if I will go to the meeting and explain everything because he is being sent two hours away that day for work and get anyone to fill in for him. When he says explain everything I wonder if he means also explaining that his children are spawn of the most unholy creature and take after her. Probably not.
I love my DH, and I know he loves his kids, but why does he always expect me to fight for them too? I'm tired as it is with everything going on with my kids. I don't ask this stuff from him. uggg.

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He asked the attourney if I could come and take the consultation for him giving her permission to speak openly about the case and everything. He's not an idiot, he would just rather I talk to the lawyer because I have a background in it.

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The kids are still in school so they are here, but he has no idea where she is really living. She still won't answer his calls or text and hasn't let him see them. I don't know why, other than she's just a hateful person. The kids have to be asking for him by now unless she's brainwashed them.

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My DH is a family law attorney. If he were representing your DH, he wouldn't talk to you without him present. It's not because he doesn't believe you, but because it's your DH's case and not yours, even if you are married. Sorry.

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Once again, there isn't a case, this is the consultation. The lawyer has spoken with DH and told him she would meet with me to get the facts down and what he's needing and to make a payment plan. There isn't an ongoing case as this just happened a few weeks ago. He was refered to her by a family friend. Once I explain everything she will tell me what his options are then I can call him and let him know, then he can let me know which way he wants to go. He talks with her then I give her some money then the case starts which DH will then need to be at the meetings unless this lawyer realizes I am infact his wife and if she wants to get paid in full he can't keep missing work. My grandfather who I lived with all my life was also a family law sorry too.