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BM self-esteem issues

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Has anyone else noticed a BM putting their awful self-esteem issues on their daughters? Example: SD7 and I were watching tv and she commented on how pretty a woman on a show was. I agreed. Then she goes on to say "sometimes my mom asks me who is prettier? me or (myself)?" I responded with just an "ohhh..." and she goes on to say "my mom thinks she's fat". And that spurred us on into a conversation about how I think every girl should find herself pretty and that she is very on. (conversation aside, this girl is absolutely beautiful) Since then we have multiple conversations in the same vein...and she has started to ask how much fat is in her meals...her dad and I are just concerned that she is going to pick up on her BM's foul self image. Is anyone else experiencing this? Was there anything you could say to BM to get her to keep her negative comments to herself or at least away from her daughters' ears?

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I think its a tad unrealistic to expect a parent not to say anything negative in front of their kids. We all do it, usually without even realising it.

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What gets me is BM started a vegetarian kick and now tells SD5 she can't eat meat. So every time we get SD back this little 5 year old tells me she can't have chicken, or pork, or beef, or ham, or bologna... etc. We have to "reteach" her and make sure she eats a healthy diet. I'm not saying kids can't be vegetarians, but her mom is NOT a vegetarian in the healthy sense. She's doing more of a Subway/starve yourself diet. And I cook like the Pioneer Woman.. so vegetarians would starve at my house.