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BM is a psychopath. What else is new.

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I wish I understood what drives this fat cow. She seriously must have the lowest self-esteem of anybody ever!

Recently her craziness has been all over the place, from telling BD7 and SD7 that they can't talk on skype anymore and making them both cry, then denying that she did it later when DH confronts her, to randomly attacking the in-laws for "not calling SD7 when she is with BM" (TO WHICH I WANT TO YELL, "BECAUSE THEY HATE YOU") and then Facebook stalking all of them with nice, cutesy comments on their every status.

I am not a hateful person but I sincerely hate this woman with every fiber of my being! She is so self involved it is incredible! Never ever ever in my 32 years on this earth have I ever met an adult who is so self absorbed and so convinced that the world revolves around them.

Some days I just wish I could punch her right in her big fat face. Other days I really just want to punch DH and ask him where the hell he found this witch with a capital "B"and what the hell was he thinking when he brought her home!!!


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SD7's BM is the same way. Every once & awhile she gets bored & calls MIL to cuss her out, or calls DH to complain about something crazy. She just can't help herself.