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I want to scream!

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I am seriously angry and discouraged. My husband has broken so many things since we have gotten married over 5 years ago, (he moved in to my house with my kids after we were married). Well his oldest daughter has the same tendencies she broke the button panel off of a new dishwasher a few days ago, no one told me about it until I discovered it tonight. I'm seriously considering breaking her phone or hiding it as well as something my husband holds dear so they understand how it feels. My husband was fired from a job at the end of 2014 because he was talking to a friend while they were walking together and he accidentally hit a girl coming up beside him in the breast. He was out of work for almost a year and now we are financially struggling, thank goodness he just got a new job in October. Today while I was at work my husband broke the furnace! Between the two things I lost it. I'm so tired of trying to have nice things only to have them destroyed. I'm not an eye for an eye kind of person but these two need to learn to be more aware and not take other's things for granted. Can I please just not be an adult for awhile and carry through with my plan? Please! I'm desperate for some accountability life lessons for the two of them.

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I am so glad you mentioned accidentally hitting somebody in the boob.

I've been running the possible scenarios in my head and none work.

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I don't recall ever having done it?

"he was talking to a friend while they were walking together and he accidentally hit a girl coming up beside him in the breast."

Try running this scenario through your head as an offense to be terminated for.

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Oh yes you can, because that's what happened to my husband. His friend went to HR after the chick filed a complaint to explain to them what happened. The woman wanted to cause trouble and she succeeded who know what her problem was, but she caused a lot of damage for a mistake that my husband made. I'm not worried that my husband is cheating or trying to feel another woman up because he is the sweetest man I have ever met, he's tall and gangly and uses his hands and arms a lot, the friend that my husband was walking with tried to vouch with my husband with HR, but they felt it was too much of a risk for them to keep my husband. Many companies have no tolerance for accidents of this nature because it can bode very bad for them. If you happend to hit somone in the wrong place and it's the wrong person and they decide to file a complaint there is nothing you can do to change the mind of others.

Excuse my language but charma is a bitch and this company and this girl will get their's eventually.

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Same here....and I accidentally grab his..........all the time. Opps, pardon me hubby, got my hands full.

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I find it so funny the details we as women get caught up on. I know my husband hit the girl by accident, the friend my husband was walking with went to HR and vouched for him. I'm secure in my marriage and know this was an accident. The main issue I was getting at is I'm so tired of my husband and his oldest daughter breaking my stuff because hey have issues with self awareness. My husband is very tall and long my step daughter is just careless and has her head in the clouds all the time. It drives me crazy and I'm not sure how to handle it.

So thank you for all of your comments I really appreciate them.