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Weekend with my dad, stepmum and brothers

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Hi everyone,

My dp, lo and I visited my dad,stepmum and brothers for weekend. My step-mum and I were getting along fine. I was helping cook in the kitchen and asked my step-mum how to make a few things. While we were talking she asked about my mum as always then she made a comment which didn't like. She said "who is your mums best friend now"? So I said so and so but mum always been friends with this woman aswell. My mums friend passed away last year and because my mum was quite close to her she was just being nosey who my mum knocked about with. My step-mum likes to know peoples business. Why does she ask for my mum?

I picked up on alot of things my step-mum said but lucky for me now I got my dp to back me up. Friday we got there my dad was out and so was my 19 year old brother. So my step-mum asked do we want take out and we yeah. Dad came home and she said lets get a Kfc not really asking us what we wanted so then my boyfriend said to my dad. We fancy kebabs which is what we wanted. Step-mum couldn't say nothing as my dad said we get whatever you want.
Saturday my dp and I went shopping left our lo with dad, stepmum. My dad did offer but I know my step-mum was pleased we left our lo with them. I hardly ever leave my lo with my own mum. Just hate leaving him. So I was abit funny at first but was okay afterwards. The only thing I didn't like was my dad leaving her to do everything for him when he suggested he look after him.

Now this is where my problem is ok. I lived with my for 4 years and moved back to live with my mother as I feel pregnant and got myself in a mess. My dad told me after finding out that I should go back to my mums as no room for me or baby. Anyway 8 months later had stillbirth and then met my current partner and now we have a 22 month old. Ever since I moved back to live with mum my dad want me back up where he is living. So my dp told me while him and my dad went to get take out on the friday was it my step-mum why I don't want to move back. Although she is annoying somethings she seems okay now. The reason I didn't want to move back was due to my mess I made before I left. Anyway cut long story short I made the decision to move back which I wish I had no said now.

I have not told my mother which is why I need advice on how to tell. My step-mum is going to drive me mad but it I got bigger problems to face when going back there. I do think my step-mum is going to want to rub this in my mothers face. I am not going back for her but my dp wanted us to move up there. I want to be near my father, brothers aswell. My dad is happy at my decision and so am I kind of. My step-mum offered to have my lo while I went back to work aswell but I am not keen. She is a childminder but not don't want her looking after him. I just think she feels things are going to change but their not. I will do my thing all day as me and dp want to get our own place. I only would ask if I had to like I did with my mother. I still don't trust her with my lo even though she was okay that day. It just I don't want to rely on her alot I would prefer when my lo gets older he go to daycare.

Have you got your stepkids living near you and how often do you see them?

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I do still have issues to deal with my step-mum even though we are fine. Can only see her now and again not everyday as she would drive me nuts.

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Yeah probably know what your thinking lol. We are fine really its just if we move up there I still think them problems I had with her will arise. I mean my dad drove us home and my dp and I was trying to pursuade him not too. We had alot of stuff and couldn't manage but if I had a choice I would have preferred to get train. My step-mum was trying to see if my uncle would take us but he had borrowed a friends car. Well she knew my dad would offer that is why she said ask my uncle but then knowing how she would feel I did say why don't you come with us. She said no.
As I said if anything does happen I do have my dp back up. He helps me threw and he sees what I see. Even if my dad don't but hopefully its just me.
When we move up there I hope to god she does not start her trouble. I mean we are not lead our own lives don't want to see them everyday if you know what i mean. Just don't want her saying she going to visit aswell when she feels like it. Just let her get on doing what she needs to do and maybe at weekends we will see them. I just feel the nearer we are to my dad, step-mum the more she will start getting on my nerves.