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How does you adult stepkids call your parents nan and grandad?

The reason I ask is that I use to call my step-grandparents nan and grandad but don't know. Now I just see them as my step-mums parents.

Its weird as I live down the road from them. I have not visited them in ages and feel abit guilty plus they are having a party at my dads and step-mums. I don't view my step-mum as mum so really I don't feel I could call them nan or grandad.

Both sets of my mums and dads parents are dead. Last year I lost my grandad. My dads father. I will feel weird if I call I them by their first names. Not sure if they will like me calling them that.

My lo is now 16 mths old aswell and feel I can't go visiting them as they smoke with my step-grandad does. I am just fed up as I when I had a stillbirth in 2005 my step-grandparents decided to come to my flat to visit me. The funeral was over but apparently they wanted to come but don't can't remember why they didn't now.My step-mum sister came to the funeral aswell.Then when I had my son who is like 16 months which should be a happy event. We had a party and no one wanted to bother come and see him. I just think when something bad happens then I hear from them.