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SS stopped by *Part 2

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UGH!!! So now that one step has stopped by another thinks they have too. OSD called DH said they miss us and want to know when we are free so they can come by and he can see how big her kids are getting! Really??? She misses US! What happened to me not being invited to stuff!?!?!

I told DH tell her to come by Saturday I'll be gone all day at marching competition with my kids }:) I don't know if it's because I have disengaged and refuse to talk to them or if it's because holidays are coming up but now the steps are trying to come around again. UGH! I haven't seen them since last Thanksgiving. DH invited them for Easter and they claimed they didn't feel wanted and when DH said he never said that OSD said "others have implied it". So why come now???

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I don't care what they do I'm not jumping on that crazy train again! I saved all the hateful text, messages, post, and pictures they posted online or sent to me. Anytime they try to start coming around and getting me to reengage I'm going to be sitting there scrolling through the scrapbook of their hate. It works wonders to keep me from giving in!

I also got 3 bottles of wine for my birthday! That will also help.

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I honestly think this has alot to do with it. Since their declaration that I wasn't invited to the "family" Christmas last year they haven't gotten a single present from DH. I always was the gift giver and I usually go all out. I spend all year making those huge intricate crocheted items on top of buying gifts too. For OSGD's birthday last year I made her one of those huge mermaid blankets. I made all the popular character hats and whatever else they liked at the time. I used to make up Easter baskets and halloween bags for the kids too.

Since they said I wasn't family or invited to stuff. I quit buying. They didn't get anything for Christmas last year and the few birthday parties DH showed up too last year he came empty handed. DH hates to shop and I make more money then him and we have separate finances. It was my paycheck that used to buy them things and the gift train has stopped! I'm not interested in starting it back up.

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only because they want you to see how big the grand kids are so that you do not buy the wrong gifts... nothing more..
oh believe me she will let it slip..

Jonny would like this for Christmas and Annie would like this.... I would make sure I am there, so I can reply...
What a nice idea, Daddy would like a new .... and my kids would love cash instead of gifts.....

just to piss them off, I still will not buy anything, cause they will not buy anything

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Schedule pest control to fumigate during the time that SD is visiting. Feign surprise when you get home from your kid's marching competition.