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Ultimate blended family gone wrong?

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So, DH and I just watched "Blackfish". If you aren't familiar with it, it's about the orcas in captivity at Sea World and how they're an extremely close-knit family oriented species, that don't interact well when thrown in together. They think Tilikum suffers massive psychological problems, resulting in him killing people. Personally, I think he takes the abuse from the other whales, because for all intents and purposes, they've been thrown together in these little pools from different families, and don't get along.

All I could think was "I know how that feels."

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Bahahahahaha! Mwahahahha! That's good stuff, PolyMom. Thanks for the laugh! Happy New Year!

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Very funny! You have a WICKED sense of humor, PolyMom! Thank you for sharing.

I remember reading somewhere that a blended family can feel like a tribe of Tibetans mergning of with a family of Finns all settling down in rural Brazil - they are doomed to success!!! Smile