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They're hhhheeeeerrreeeeee.......

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SSs come in tonight for 9 days. They're not bad kids, I just hate my life interuppted. Had to do a huge food shopping last night so they would have snacks, etc. But we still pay CS for the 9 days, whoopee. TV will be on 24/7, cant wait :sick:

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Oh joy! The skids are coming! Lucky you. Maybe you can send them home with all the dirty laundry so BM can do it? LOL. Just kidding. ....maybe....  If they are anything like my skids, they will whine every day about their being "no food in the house, " after you spent all that time shopping for them. 

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has gone by since this was posted.  Hopefully, OP's skids are in her rear-view mirror and have aged out. 

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Wish we had updates to all these past posts!

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Maybe the OP posts in the adult skid forum now . LOL 

It never ends unless the marriage does, unfortunately

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States. At first SpermGrandHag would attempt to convince my DW that we owed them CS when SS was on SpermClan visitation.


When that failed the SpermClan attempted to take SS's visitation travel money when he would arrive in SpermLand for visitation.  So, we got him an instant load debit card that we would take to $0 balance as soon as we received confirmation his flights had landed in SpermLand.

That was always fun  They were stranded a number of times when they would fill up their gas tank or do a family dinner at a restaurant expecting SS to pay for it. Nope, no balance.  As soon as SS would check in for his return flight home, we would load his debit card with travel funds.  

There were some fun fireworks when we switched SS from cash travel funds to debit. Their summer activities were far less fun without SS's money for them to extort.


I know that it is frustrating for you as the NCP household t continue to pay CS to the CP when the Skids are with you.  It drove the SpermClan nuts.  As did having no control over how CS was spent.  In our case CS was insubstantial but if I were an NCP paying a crap ton of CS knowing what my money was being spent on would be a hill I would die on.  No doubt I would get nowhere as far as massaging courts to hold the CP accountable.  

As seemingly countless STalk situations have indicated, far too many CPs use CS to augment their lifestyle while attempting to pawn all kid related costs off to the NCP. Clothes, sports, etc.....  Though in our blended family adventure we were the CP side, I fall on the NCP account for the money side of this issue.