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Another Weekend in Stepparent land

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For the past two months SS16's (Zippy's) BM (haven't thought of a name for her yet-"The Plague" seems too nice somehow!)has had very little contact with her son-who lives in our basement playing Video games 24/7, coming up only to raid the fridge and leave a huge mess upstairs and downstairs that the dogs get into.

There are various reasons for non-visitation-first Zippy cancelled, then she had the infamous bed-bugs-last Friday her carpets were being cleaned (there's a good one for not seeing your son)but this Friday took the cake. She arranges to pick up Zippy Saturday at 1pm for the night-DH and I are ecstatic and proceed to plan something for Saturday night at home as we are Zippyless!

THEN THE CELL PHONE RINGS WHILE WE ARE OUT GROCERY SHOPPING-it is Drippy Zippy-Mom's cancelled (yet again) she isn't feeling well....

The smirk on Zippy's face was so precious when we got home-even DH saw it (the smirk where -"guess where I will be ALL WEEKEND YET AGAIN-waiting for you Daddy)-

DH told Zippy that Saturday afternoon they were going job hunting-(Zippy's smirk turned upside down!)-out they went all afternoon-DH said Zippy will get out of the house one way or another-maybe there is hope? Can't wait to see his report card this Thursday!

Zippy is arranging a visit with Mom this week-stay tuned to how will they both get out of visitation this weekend!

I told DH to drop it -if they want to let things slide that is fine-DH will have to get off is butt and find things for Zippy to do all weekend (like maybe help around the house-HA!)

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A job will help the kid and you too!!! I hope he holds the line on that one

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