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Step Mother's Prayer

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I have created my own step mother's prayer that I say when I'm feeling like I'm going to lose it! I encourage everyone to make their own, it's kind of fun, and you'll feel better when you do!

Lord, grant me the strength to deal with another woman's child.
Give me the wisdom to know when to keep my mouth shut and when to let my feelings out.
Somehow allow me to survive the meals, the hugs, the talking, the stupid questions, and once again the meals that make me want to vomit and kill all at the same time.
Let my will be as strong as my love for the man who created this child.
Help me hold on to the "good" times and fall back on them when the going gets rough.
Lastly please bless me with your greatest gift of all, friends.
Because without them, I would be lost.


OMG - I love this - i would have to add 'Lord grant me the courage to bury my SO alive and not get found out because he frustrates the hell out of me' Wink

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