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Don't forget what happened last year at Christmas!

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Last year at Christmas time SD7 wanted to be in on everything. She wanted to put up the tree and wrap presents and take pictures and help with cookies. She was actually pretty good during these activities and together we had fun. What was not fun was seeing her open presents that I got for her, and then watching her never touch them again. Her dad didn't buy her presents, and I just felt like she needed to have something to unwrap! She didn't care about those presents one bit.

So this year she can come to get the tree, and put up the decorations, and make cookies. But I'll be damned if I'm buying her presents. Fool me once, shame on you...but fool me twice, probably not.

Anyone else doing a present-less holiday with stepkids? Should we feel bad? Cause I really don't.'s picture

Me me me!!!!!!!

I didn't give birthday gifts this year either }:)

I don't feel the least bit bad because they are rude, selfish, manipulative, spoiled rotten kids. They don't like me so why should I spend $ on them? I told FDH if he's worried abou what his kids think maybe he should have brough them up with some manners and some respect. I guess both our names are going on the gift tags? :?

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Me neither! I am done buying gifts for people who do not show appreciation. My DH can do what he pleases. Last year i bought a ton of small gifts for skids that they all could use and seemed to enjoy a lot( i love buying gifts and know how to find cool ones) - and then thanked their dad for! This year they got nothing from me for their birthdays (with the exception of me buying a $10 gift for the YSD17 that my boys could give to her - but she never showed up to get it, so DH had to get it to her - there was no thank you either). Xmas feels much less stressful already because i am not getting them anything. Don't want my name on the gift tag either.

I love love and hate hate. And act accordingly.

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I actually posted something along those same lines. For me, I feel more compelled to buy gifts, but it has been because I always did the shopping for the skids. This year, I am out of it. My DH is cool with that and proof was in the pudding: I had made a suggestion to him on what to get OSD for her birthday; he loved the idea and went and got it for her. She thanked... HIM profusely. No thanks for me, but that was fine because it just helped to solidify for me that it is time to release the reins!

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SD14 is getting nothing from DH and I. She doesn't deserve anything, has not made an effort to return his calls/texts/emails and constantly bails on their plans together.

She also didn't get a birthday gift because she ignored him for the entire summer (her bday was in Aug). He stopped over to her house to give her a card and she basically said "what do you want?", took the card and slammed the door on him.

Yep, nothing for that little twit this year!

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We already bought SD21 and her husband's gift. Thanksgiving Day, SD told my husband they wanted a microwave (after he asked her what they wanted). So, Friday, SD calls (knowing we go Black Friday shopping) and asks, "Well, did you get us our microwave?" So rude!

I want to take it back but hubby won't let me.

My 10 year old niece says, "You should take it back and get her an Easy Bake Oven." I love that kid.

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I would think that too...except that she really has no interest in anything. I know that sounds crazy, but she doesn't play with anything at all!! She doesn't play with dolls, or toys, or puzzles, or video games, or art supplies or anything!! Last year I got her a book with activities that we could do together, since she seems to like that. It had cooking ideas, and crafts, and art things. She never got it out! So I asked her about it and she said, "yeah, that might be fun." I went and got the book and she was outside playing by the time I got back. I don't think she's being spiteful to me, she just doesn't care! So the fun for her is in getting the tree, and putting up lights, and making cookies. That's fine with me! But when we have our own kids the presents will reign down on them, and she will have to decide if she cares or not!