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In the last hour

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In the last hour, I sat through a meal with SD7 who is like a wild animal when she eats. Eating with her hands, and with her mouth open, and picking off the top of the pizza, and slurping her drink. As we ate dessert she complained that she wasn't getting what she wanted, even though she picked it. DH let her have cookies and 3 candy bars.

Then....she went to wash her hands and face, and I said, "Please don't touch the wall." She left a handprint on the wall in the bathroom, and fell down in the doorway.

Then....she came back into the kitchen and told DH, "Daddy, remember you're trying to lose weight." As he ate a handful of nuts. He laughed and said, "You're so funny." Yeah, ha ha. She's hilarious.

Then....he asked if she had homework. She asked to play on the computer. He said no. He asked if she had homework, to which she said, "None that I have to do today really." Then she asked to play on the computer. He said no and told her to get her homework. She went and sat on the couch in the family room. I told her to go get her homework, which she did, and then she whined for 15 minutes that it was too hard, and asked her dad if she could play on the computer. He said no and told her to try harder with her math problems. She sat and whined for 10 more minutes about how hard it was. I told her to be quiet and focus. DH helped her finish her homework.

Then.. she asked to play on the computer. He told her, "No, you're not going to do that today, I've already told you." She whined and actually cried, stating that she "never" gets to play on the computer. I told her to go down and take a shower and get ready for bed, because she was obviously tired. She went downstairs to her room.

Then...I went down to check the laundry and almost fell over her because for some reason she was laying on the steps pouting.

So much fun should not be had by one person in an hour. Such is the life of a stepmother.

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My fiancee's son age 10 whines in a shrill voice like a retarded baby ANY TIME YOU TELL HIM NO FOR ANY REASON. He will literally carry on and on until you threaten him or bribe him to shut up. Your SD sounds just like him. He will argue about why it isn't fair, complain, cry like a baby....throw a TANTRUM....its just awful and embarrassing. Then he will keep asking over and over and try and put my fiancee on a guilt trip which always works. He always eventually gets something. He is the most annoying unbearable spoiled brat to be around. I feel for you.