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SS middle school graduation

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BM was there...
I ignored her.
All of DH's family (except MIL and FIL) made small talk and laughed with BM...

This really pissed me off... BILs and SIL know all the hateful shit BM has done to DH witnessed it first hand in the past. And yet they chit chat and laugh with her.
This is the same SIL that wouldn't talk to me for over two years because "I made the kids wake up to alarm clocks instead of waking them up myself"...

I may have acted poorly and let it be "shown" I did not want to hang around for the after graduation pictures...
But it's middle school, congrats the kid got to high school... I don't think it's a picture moment (or even graduation moment but that's personal opinion). I went I took pictures for DH.
but half an hour standing around waiting for every single freaking relative to get a picture with the kid in every possible combination???
I don't think this is that great of a milestone. And everyone being "buddy buddy" with BM. JUST MADE ME WANT TO PUKE

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I hated that stuff. I was there for it all. Sucked it up for the kids. So sick of sucking it up for the kids and being places that I didn't want to be. Guess what at the end of the day it never mattered that I went to any of this stuff. None of them cared one bit. And the picture taking. Lets all pretend for one day that we are all one big happy family. Yeah right!

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Sometimes I wish I had gone to SD's high school graduation last year. But, since SuperCunt and Wonderdick showed up, I refused to go so that they would have ZERO excuse for a no show. DH went alone. I took our boys out for fro-yo and brought some home to DH.

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I'm still stewing from SS middle school graduation...
GBM (who I'm not on bad terms with-at least I thought) gave SS a gift for graduating 8th grade.
We are all standing around, all extended family, pictures ate done and I've just taken his gown and handed him a vell phone so he can call me when he is done at the party his friend is throwing in or town and I can pick him up....
and GBM hands him a box. It is moderately heavy and bigger than his hand
and GBM suggests he put it in his pocket.
He teaches to hand it to his mom and she isn't paying attention.
I reach out my hand and offer to take it home with his robe. SS hands it to me.
GBM then asks for it back!
She says if he can't hold onto it she will just give it to him later at "their party" for him.

I give it right back to her, but this pisses me off. I thought she and I were on good terms.
Does she think I'm going to rip open the paper before SS can?
Does she think I'm going to keep the present for myself? Hide it from SS?
She knows they live with us full time. The gift would have been coming back to our house after SS party tonight he just didn't want a heavy bulky box in his pocket all night at his party....and he tried handing out to BM BUT she didn't see becauseshe was playing actress and mother of the year and ignoring SS
DH saw and asked right after what happened and I couldn't help myself I said proud for everyone to hear, "GBM GAVE SS A PRESENT. HE DIDN'T WANT TO CARRY OUT WITH HIM TO THE PARTY. HE TRIED TO GIVE IT TO BM AND SHE DIDN'T NOTICE SO HE GAVE IT TO ME. WHEN GBM SAW HE GAVEIT TOE SHE TOOK IT BACK."
I may have behaved poorly but man that night ticked me off...

BM took SS gift back when he handed it to me...