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Tough Week

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SS is with us this week, that makes it tough all in itself... but my god! Ok, so since SS8 started counselling, my DH has turned into Disney Dad. I can hardly stand it. He seems to have forgotten his son's name, and only calls him "Buddy", he gives him options like "Well, if you're not interested in dinner, you can go play", I ask "Buddy" questions, and DH answers all of them for him while SS8 just stares at me.. no sorry lears at me. He pee's the bed (but doesn't pee the bed at his Mom's anymore) and all I hear is great job taking the sheets off your bed buddy wuddy. Last night he stared at me all through dinner so I asked him "Buddy Wuddy is there something bothering you".. DH steps up to the plate again, "Nope nothing is bugging him, he just doesn't feel like talking".. whatever... Last night his Dad was out and I asked him to get ready for bed as he was falling asleep on the couch. He totally ignored me. So when DH gets home he says "did SS8 get ready for bed?", my response was "Well I asked him too, but as you can see that went no where"... so DH says "Buddy wuddy, you're not in trouble but you know that whenever Heather tells you to do something, it's like me telling you to do something. Do you understand? Remember you're not in trouble"...why isn't he in trouble? I've been in his life for most of it! And he's always had to listen to me, this 'conversation' about listening to me started when he was 3! Hello! At what point is he accountable for anything? I just want to puke because it is soooo very very pathetic. I can hardly stand to be around either DH or SS this week, I've just had enough of the patheticness... (I know it's not a word, but whatever).. Yesterday I did his laundry for the 1st half of the week.. a full load as there is pee and poop on everything... everyday I make his lunches... I just can't seem to keep up the facade this week... it's that pathetic.. Thanks Ladies.. and Gents.. for letting me vent this morning!


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Hang in there HeatherM! Buddy Wuddy.. Sorry still laughing cause my Dh does thae same thing to his sons.. "How's it going Buddy? You ok Buddy?"

Oh please stop with the Buddy crap!!!

"And this too shall pass..."