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SKs and Texting


So does anyone else wonder if BM is actually the one texting your DH on the SKs phone? I haven't seen the texts between SD11 and DH. DH says he texts SD11 every night now that she has her own phone.

So DH doesn't call BM everynight, so he says, because I haven't seen the phone, to talk to his kids. I noticed this change in his texts around the time that he tells me he's texting SD11.

DH use to say "miss u" "love u" xoxoxo now he says "I miss you" "I love you" xoxoxo. I guess it doesn't really matter but I just noticed the change and it's weird because it's always been the first was since we've been together.

Can you tell by SKs texts that it's them? or do you just have to assume it is?


Dh hasnt said he doubts who it is. I do because you know crazy. BM told dh he couldnt talk to SD11 on her phone but he could text her. Makes things seem odd, if you know what I mean. If he calls the SDs he must call BMs phone.


What is wrong w these men? Ick

Yes do please save him the trouble and download the game for him since hes having a teen identity crisis. Bahaaa

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BM likes to text DH pretending to be the kids when she wants something. Its messed up but works every time.


How do you know it's BM? Does Sks tell you? I was just wandering if there is a way for me to somehow know it's not the Sks.