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SD trying to use DH as a cover for her cheating

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SD, age 21, has been living with her boyfriend for a 3 months.  DH swears that SD has anxiety about driving.  I think she has "selective" anxiety.  She has anxiety when it benefits her in some way.   My DS has anxiety and her anxiety is nothing like his.  

Last week, DH gets a call from SD and she says she is having an anxiety attack and she is pulled over on the side of the road. She says the 18 wheelers were getting to close to her.  She drove about an hour or so away from home.  She told him that she had to spend the night there in a hotel (because her anxiety was so bad) and she was trying to get back home.  I didn't think she had anxiety at all.  She drove there and was almost home before she pulled over to call DH.  It just didn't make any sense.   

DH met SD and her boyfriend over the weekend.  It seems that the boyfriend is jealous of a guy that lives in the same area that SD was at when she stayed in the hotel.  DH said that the guy told the boyfriend that he could take SD away from him.  Boyfriend apparently became super jealous and couldn't handle it.  I told DH that there was more to this story.  The boyfriend didn't seem like he was that type of person but DH takes SD side and didn't really care.  A very big arguement erupted between boyfriend and SD.  DH put himself in the middle of it and all hell breaks lose.

SD told the boyfriend that they needed some time apart and does anyone want to guess where she was at during her one day time apart from the boyfriend.  She runs off to the same location, hotel, where she stayed the night she had "anxiety".  

I finally realize why boyfriend was so jealous.  SD was cheating on her boyfriend.  She called DH so he could be her alibi.  She knew DH would fall hook line and sinker and believe her.  DH would tell her boyfriend.  

I feel so sorry for the boyfriend.  He co-signed for a car for her and he has been paying a lot of bills for her.  I hope he isn't gullible to continue to pay for all her bills.  

I mentioned on my last post that I gave SD and BF 6 months before she found away to destroy their relationship.  

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I hope your DH can stay out of it but he probably feels protective.

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That boyfriend dodged a major bullet. Hopefully he goes no-contact with SD. At least he isn't tied to SD via a baby. 

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I agree.  I am hoping he doesn't take her back when the boy toy is done with her

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He was so stupid.  BM and DH was all far the poor guy co-signing.  I was against it.  They had only known each other about 6 months.  They moved in together at the same time.

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Ten foot pole in hand.. lol.  I would be backing well up here.  I mean.. TBH.. your DH being able to corroborate that she actually WAS in sneaky Guy's area actually is more to the proof side of her cheating.

But.. I would be backing away slowly.. not looking anyone in the eye.. and not get myself in the middle of their daytime tvesque drama.. lol.  And your DH should too.  "Hey don't bring me into this".

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FOR AWAY.  DH is going to right up in the middle of all the drama. DH blames the BF.  He doesn't believe that little precious would cheat. 

  DH was hanging out with the boyfriend because he thought they were going to get married and live happily ever after.    SD was so controlling and mean to the BF.  I don't know why he hung out with her that long unless he was that desperate.I tried to tell DH that the BF will probably not be long term and he needed to back off.  

This relationship was SD's longest relationship.  It didn't even last a year.

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In all fairness---hear me out, ok?

SD may have binocular vision problems. 

 She may require prisim glasses. 


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That's 100% correct. Stay far far away. You will absolutely become the distraction from their horrible behaviors. Be invisible, don't even ask about it. Avoid this.

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DH is here.  He has the phone on speaker phone and I usually try to find something to do in another room or when DH mentions it.  I am going silent.  I just say uh huh and I try to change the subject.

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She should do the same if her BF was the one pulling this cheater crap.

Rekey the locks, initiate repossession on the car.  See how she likes living in a car that is being searched for by the bank.

Daddy must be so proud of his sweet daughter.



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over social media. She call DH yesterday crying about it.  She had to block him and doesn't understand why he is so upset and jealous (her exact words).


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One tof his pathetic couple may just have a shot at viable adulthood.

I wish SD had not proven herself to be so lacking.

But, past behaviors being the best predictor of future performance, it is not surprising.