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SD is engaged to her new boy toy.

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DH found out that SD is now engaged to her boytoy.  She left her live in BF to be wiht boytoy about a month ago.    Her boy toy is still married so I am not sure how long it is going to be until this so- called wedding is going to happen.  BM is planning it now. lol  BM thinks that SD and Boytoy are just meant for each other.  They have so much in common.

 Boytoy lost custody of his child a couple of days ago to his wife and he now has supervised visitation.  The courts around here favor 50/50 custody so I am not sure what happened.  SD said that boytoy told her that his wife is a drug addict, child abuser, beat up his Mom and on and on.  I am not sure how much of that or any of it is true.  SD has a habit of lying and I am not sure boytoy is telling SD the truth.   BM (SD's Mom) and boytoy's mom have been dropping off and picking up the kid from his mom.  Boytoy told SD that he just couldn't co-parent with the crazy BM. 

DH has warned SD that she doesn't want to get caught up in the crazy drama. He warned her that  it could all go to h$ll in a handbasket.  DH remembers how BM started all kinds of drama when we got married. SD says she LOOOOVEESSSSS boytoy and she wants to help him.  

Old BF has told SD that she has to pay for her own car insurance now and that he is looking into ways to get his name off of the vehicle.  I feel sorry for the boy but he did dodge a bullet. SD says that he can't legally get his name off the car but who knows.  SD says that she is going to be on her new boytoy's car insurance.   I would really like to see her take some responsibility for herself instead of depending on other people. 


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Why do they do this? On and on they go. One relationship to another. Her old bf did "dodge a bullet" and so will the next one.

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opening up my camp chair...

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  1. Cheating whores.... Check
  2. Poor judge of character in a partner..... Check
  3. Needing their mommies to wipe their supposed adult butts..... Check
  4. Embracing victimhood...... Check
  5. Entitled immature morons taking advantage of others.... Check


BM is probably right in that they are made for each other.


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She must not know the definition of boy're supposed to play with them and put them back (like a toy on the shelf) not get engaged to them 

I could see her pretending not to know how/or be capable of removing her ex from the car and making him pay for the car while she's with her new boytoy

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A new married boyfriend who lost custody of his kid... sounds like a keeper for sure!

No, that one needs to go back up on the shelf. 

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in BT's wife harem.  You and DH should give her a tubal ligation as a gift before she brings a herd of spawn doomed by her own and BT's shallow and polluted genetic contribution.



Any kids that are a product of SD coupling with BT... are so screwed.