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Grab the Popcorn !!! Karma just got real

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I posted earlier that SD moved out of her Bf's house into the house of her boy toy a few months back. She was IN LOVE with boy toy.  She only knew boy toy for a couple of months.  Boy toy is still married and just lost custody of his child.

A few nights ago,  DH received a call for the XBf.  I was really ticked off because we were both sleeping.  I knew it had to be SD drama.  Well, DH didn't answer the phone so XBF sent him a text to tell him he needed to talk to his daughter. DH jumps out of bed to call her to see what is wrong.  Well, SD doesn't answer the phone so DH calls XBF.  

XBF told DH that SD threatened to kill herself.  I wished I had a penny every single time she said that.  DH gets so upset.   She likes to manipulate situations to get what she wants  She says she is going to kill herself and people jump to kiss her butt.  It has always worked for her in the past.  

DH finally talked to SD.  SD says she is not in love with boy toy but she is still in love with XBF.  XBF told her that he didn't love her like that anymore and didn't want to take her back.  XBF will not take her back and she doesn't understand why.   She realizes that boy toy is cheating on her.  She wanted to go back to XBF because she didn't have anywhere to go if she left boy toy. I am so proud of XBF,  I really thought he would give in to her demands but he didn't.  

DH told me that he thinks he (dh) needs to see a counselor to deal with his daughter.  I told him that SD needed to go back to counseling. She was in counseling from the time she was 7 until she was 18.  I really feel that she has some serious mental issues.

A day or two passes and SD calls DH.  SD says she is pregnant.  She was going to the dr to verify that day.  Well, she wasn't because she had a lot of scar tissue in her tubes because of the STDs she had a few years back.  


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Better than a movie.  I know it's not funny when it's in your life.  The drama never ends.  At the very least, SD should be on BC but if my own drama queens are any guide, she won't be.

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SD is displaying many of the behaviours of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder or as it has been renamed, Unstable PD.  I recently read a useful book on this subject which in particular advises how to deal with suicide threats used as a technique of manipulating the behaviour of loved ones.  It is "When your daughter has BPD" by Daniel S Lobel. 

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Fingers crossed this SD is infertile. Dog forbid she ever have a child.

Daizy, I hope your DH does get some therapy. His daughter will be a pain forever, and he needs to learn how to deal with that in a healthy way.

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My only concern is that the therapist would tell DH that he needed to stop jumping every time SD had a "problem", he would quit therapy because he thinks he is helping.  

I hope there is so much scar tissue that she can not get pregnant especially now.   

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XBF playing the good riddance card is exactly what he should have done regarding SD.

She is losing ground on sympathy and the cry wolf suicide comments and phantom pregnancy cards will stop getting attention. As they should.

I truly hope that she learns something and that her suicide manipulations are just that. Manipulations.

Homeless, hungry, and cold will be her next major Karma learning points in all liklihood.

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Thank goodness she wasn't pregnant.   Oh yeah,  when everyone is sick of their B.S. and not doing what they want,  they pull out the good ol' "I think I want to kill myself" and presto!!  Everyone is back to enabling them.  Next time she tells your DH she wants to kill herself he needs to drop her off at the nearest psych ward.