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Dh help SD move

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My previous post I commented that SD, 21,  was cheating on her BF with another guy.  Well, she left her BF for this guy.  Her XBF called and informed her to come move her stuff out of his house or he was going to sell it. I am hoping the XBF doesn't take her back when this boy toy dumps her.  DH helped her move from XBF's apartment to the new guys mobile home.

Dh came home and told me that SD is living in a "dump" now.  He said he asked her if she was going to be fine downgrading and she said she was.  I said "really" and let it go.  He said that the guy is a lot older that SD and has a kid.  The kid is calling SD, Mom.  Dh is convinced that this relationship isn't going to last too long.  He thinks the only reason SD moved in with him was because she didn't have anywhere else to live since she left her XBF.  SD had other places to go she thinks this relationship is going to last FORVER and they are in LOVE. 

DH still has his head buried in the sand.  I predict that DH will be helping SD move again in a few months.





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Just as long as she doesn't move in with you.  I agree, it doesn't sound like it will last.

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live with me.  I have already told DH.   Her behavior isn't acceptable for me to bring her in my house with my son.

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Oh Sweet Karma....She is now a SM to a child from a guy with an unstable living situation....You can rest assured drugs will come into play as well

"MOM" i laughed at that

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That kid dodged a lifetime of hell by not polluting his gene pool with your SD.


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DO NOT tell SD about steptalk!!!


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Oh my! Wouldnt that be dang interesting.

Looks like SD found her equity partner or more like her KARMA.

How old is the skid? Wonder if this skid is big daddios lil princess and your SD will just have to take it. The lil girl was there first, SD knew what she was getting into. So no complaining of being the nanny and cook or a second class citizen. Kids come first didnt ya know  !!! ETA  BM and her gold uterus can return so bow and step aside at any given moment .Dripping with sarcasm here.   *ROFL*

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I had a co-worker once who was in a blended family and I told her about step talk and how much it had helped me.  A few weeks later we were in a meeting and she brought up the site and how appalled she was and asked how I felt this site helped me.  I was honest and told her that my step parent journey was rough, we had a drug addict BM, a Disney Dad and a Spawn who was brought up to believe that the world revolved around her.  The co-workers response to this was that “she’s just a kid and you should know better and treat her like your own.”  I never told anybody about this site ever again.  When being a step parent comes up in conversation I usually just say some people get luckier than others and try to move on.

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from my own experience and I will advise from the experiences others have shared and worked out solutions for on STalk.

But, I do not forward them here.

My Uni BFF adopted his DW's niece. She was adopted out of the delivery room.  He has had many of the issues many STalkers have struggled with.  He long held that DW and I were overly strict with SS.  Then, he became a parent.  His daughter was an animal as a toddler and single digits girl.  He limited bringing her in public. His DW will rarely go out in public with their daughter.   

She is now in her mid teens.  Far more tolerable than she was.   He did a few years ago tell me that he now understood why we were strict parents and that he/they should have been far more structured in their parenting.

It saddens me that parents allow themselves to be tortured by ill behaved spawn.  Regardless of what flavor of parent they may be.  It is not necessary and is easily addressed with standards and discipline.  boundaries and discipline deliver quality results for both parents, and children.

IMHO of course. 


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There is no way that I will tell her about this place. 

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When your steps become steps....Priceless!!

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Yo, Daisy,

Just out of curiosity, has SD's ex-boyfriend somehow resolved the issue of having co-signed for SD's car?

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Right now,  the car is still on the  Ex boyfriends car insurance and the car is still co-tittled to him. They have agreed that SD will continue to pay him each month.  He hasn't mentioned anything about the car.

I have been trying to tell DH that SD NEEDS to get this car in her name and become responsible for the car insurance.  I told him even if she has to pay more, it will be worth it but DH thinks that it is best to leave it alone and let SD handle it. SD says she isn't going to say anything to make him angry or anything.  In other words, a sh@t show is coming.