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rigghht bm.

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Bg: s/o and bm have tried for 4 years to have 50/50. We usually ended up with sd due to bm wanting to go out. Even with that s/o was giving her $200 a month to help her out, he did this for 2 years. They had no co.

Bm applied for foodstamps. Claimed bf did not help her or have ad. State took him to court. Bm stated in court they had their own areangment.they asked if she wanted to seek cs. She stated no it was not needed. He was ordered to pay no cs, just add sd to his insurance. When leaving bm said ill still need you to give me money. He said that she should have said something in court and he stops paying her. We continued to have sd majority time.

A few months later, bm gets a new man (#3 in 4 years) at the end of the school year she tells s/o she is noving an hour and a half away, taking sd and he can have every other weekend. He of course says absolutly not as he was getting 4 or more days a week. She says fine, you keep her for the school weekand ill have weekends and school breaks, so long as you do not go after me for cs, anything he wanted she just wanted to move in with new man.

Thats been the schedule this whole year. Sd is here 4 nughts a week and goes to bms friday sat sunday. After 2 months of this bm said she didnt get to see her enough because she worked the nights she was supposed to have sd so sd was with daycare except for 1 day of her visitation. S/o told her too bad, but in summer you can have her 4 and he would take 3.

I check bms facebook sometimes , mostly because she is a trainwreck and i find it amusing to see her playing moty when she will not even go to conferences or drs.

Last night i find a woah is ne post because she is prego and she says she is planning on quitting her fulltime job to stay at home with baby and is planning on finding a school around her for sd.

Umm what!? She has said nothing to s/o. I looked at the school ratings and she is in a 2 of 10 elementary area and we are in a 10/10. Sd is super book smart thiugh delayed and is in an accellerated thing in her class to keep her learning.

S/o is planning to speak to bm.

Is this school year status quo? If they went to court which i imagine they will because she seems to think she is going to pull sd out of the district.

The last c/o only stated 50/50 and if she takes sd 50/50 isn't possible. I drive sd 30 min every morning to keep her in the same school so bm could pick up ob fridays and drop off mon without adding another 30 min to the drive.

I am so furious this bitch thinks she is privileged enough to stay at home and take sd away solely to try to get cs. Ill leave s/o and go for cs myself before i ever have to pay more in household expenses to cover s/o for that lazy bitch to get money for a kid she doesnt really want.

Ive had problems with s/o and if any of our house money that we do not directly spend on sd anyway goes to that cunt it may just be the end.

Any money he would pay we are certain will not go to sd. She didnt buy sd clothes for years, however her nails and hair were alwaaays done and she had like 6 pets. If you cant feed/clothe your kid you shouldnt have pets.

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You know, I don't always agree with you HRNYC, but I do admire the way you take it in stride when people agree with you and you can tell it's killing them to say it.

I can just see their fingers hovering uncertainly over the keyboard.

"Damn it, I hate to admit this, but I agree with HRNYC." *Takes swig of whiskey* *winces* *Types response*

I'm not cracking on anyone, by the way, it's just how it plays out in my head and it's funny to me.

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you are talking about me Blum 3 BUT I own it. I always type "oh man, can't believe I am agreeing with you, HR" or words to that effect every time.

Hey, when HRNYC is right, she is right Smile

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Actually, a comment on this thread made me think about it, but it's something I have seen a few times. I wasn't thinking about you, more in general Smile

I have never known you to not own your words, WOB. I respect that about you.

I also think it's good that HR carries on with her views, whether people agree or not. It's part of what makes this place work.

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Awwww - thanks Smile

I, too, admire that in HR. She rolls with the punches but is always true to her opinions and beliefs.

I am the first to admit that I don't want to agree with her - LOLOL

But, like I said, when she's right, she's right and even I can see that.

keep on keeping on, HR and Gimlet Smile

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I just cant believe she evn thinks this will go down. Neither parent lives in sds current district but sds gma lives a block from the school and gma is sds daycare when school is out or well has been u less one of us is off.

ee didnt want to change sds school on top of her mom moving and the schedule changing and afjusting to having new siblings.

I get that we may have to change her school to iur ditrict but its a 10/10 . We also already have daycare in our house because my kids with s/o are watched by my aunt in our house.

I take sd to school in the am currently and bf picks her up at 430 from her gma. In bms current job she is not off til after 9pm.

I seriously will lose my mind if a judge gives bm permission to take her. We just rented a freaking 4 bd house so everyone wiuld have their own rooms and or bigger rooms. If s/o is ordered to pay bm because she quits her job it is not going to be what shes thinking. My state takes other kids into account and i have 2 with him.

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Reason #5678495785947 to always have a court order.

Right now, no one has custody of this kid. Agreements between the parties only work until they don't.

Always. Get. A. Court. Order.

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I agree, they should have updated the c/o but honestly we thought she would move back after a few months. On her posts she even says she is super unhappy living there away from family and f4iends. So thats why she wants sd there because sd7 is her friend.

My ultimate concern is she is having a baby sometime at the begining of the school year and sd will be forced to care for the baby..not that sd wouldnt like that but she should be a child. Bm and s/o didnt take care of sd mmuvh when she was an infant. The gma did. Which was a huge reason why were super adamant that sd not lose time with the gma even though gma is a handful in itself.

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She cannot handle sd at all...which is why i am sure $ is her motivater for this more then anything.
I do not trust anyone..i can only state my opinion to the s/o and if he does not follow through then i cannot do anything. She is not my kid.

I can only put my foot down so much before its helpless. If a new c/o isnt established this time i told him last night i am done. No woman is going to take my money from my children just because she does not want to work...and it would be taking from my children because id have to cover the deficit in the budget. He can go get an apartment and ill do the same. With all our other just wont be worth the headache anymore.

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I know this sucks, but I'm glad you're seeing things clearly. Do you guys have kids together? If not, I'd definitely get out of there. Knowing what I know now, I can tell you this toxic BM is going to be a stress in your life for a long, long time.

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Bm of course flipped last night and actually said to s/o that HE cannot just say when she has sd..which he came up with the weekend thing in order to get him not to block her move.

Which is so crazzzy because thats what she is trying to do..take away his time. She said she was so accomating when we had our kids. Yes..she took sd extra because our kids wefe in the nicu for a month. He told her well i will cwrtainly take sd extra when you have yours. She didnt like that . Lol

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She kept demanding they speak in person. Nope. We want text evidence about what she is saying.

She told him he was making this harder. Said she has sd half the time with the added days for breaks but in the next text says that if they keep the current schedule she will have less time. So which is it bm?

I do feel bad that bm arranged her schedule so she only sees sd 1 day during her visitation but thats not our problem.

She stated she can move anywhere in the state. S/o told her of course she can however if its far enough in state that it will take away his time that he will fight that because she chose to move over an hour away from her childs family on both sides.