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I think BM might have a bright future doing standup....

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Because this afternoon she called S/O and asked if he had done his taxes already. His answer was yes and she then asked if he claimed FSD (the f is for future. sometimes I worry people think I'm saying f***) and his answer was yes again. Here comes the funny part. She actually asked if he's going to give her some of the money. BWAHAHAHA! For WHAT BM? For NOT having custody? When he said no she got mad and is now threatening to take him to court. She has a sudden interest in 50/50 custody. She can't even adhere to the little amount she's agreed to now. It's supposed to be FSD goes to stay with BM EOW with one day during the week on BM's weekend and two days during the week on S/O's weekend. She NEVER takes her during the week and is constantly flaking on her weekends. She's also supposed to be picking FSD up for her weekends BUT she doesn't have a car or a drivers license so S/O does all the driving. I don't know what she thinks 50/50 custody means. She probably thinks it means she can claim FSD but do non of the. ya know, work. She probably thinks the schedule will stay the same but she just gets money.

Really I think she's just barking in the hopes that S/O will give her a biscuit. Since she doesn't have a car it's going to be too much of a hassle for her to go the court house. She doesn't have any money for counsel, she doesn't pay child support or buy FSD clothes or school supplies. She doesn't even comb FSD hair. So for two days FSD will sleep with her hair in the same braid or puff balls and get sent back home nice and tangled up. She is supposed to be paying for half of the preschool tuition but she's behind on the payments. S/O will be getting a copy of that today when he picks FSD up from school. After they got off the phone she sent him a text saying that he takes things for granted. HA! I just told him not to respond and not to feed the troll. She can take him to court like she says she will. They don't need to argue about it. Have fun on your bus ride BM!

I just thought I'd share some comedy. We don't get very many opportunities to laugh on here.

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If the subject comes up again Daddy can mention that he will countersue for criminal violation of the court ordered child support as well as past due payments plus interest. She'll exit stage left. Or right whichever is closer.

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I wish. There is no court ordered child support because S/O didn't ask for it. He doesn't want anything from her. I've explained to him that it isn't FOR HIM at all but he's stubborn. She wouldn't pay even if he had asked for it anyway. She probably would have just tried to get 50/50 custody sooner once she realized that he could ask for child support. It's all about money for her. She wants the benefits of being a divorced parent without actually doing any of the parenting. She'd be happy collecting a pay check while FSD only sees her Six days out of an entire month.

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Although she would probably have a snowball's chance in hell, you never know what kind of a judge you are going to get. So I would definitely document how little she is doing now in order to build up a (potential) case if she DOES decide to get her act together and submit the paperwork.

Otherwise, I agree with OCC, she is blowing smoke up his behind hoping to freak him out enough to get some cash from the money tree.

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Ugh! That is crazy. I'm glad BM hasn't tried to pull anything like that yet. During the divorce, she DID try to dispute S/O's custody claims but she submitted the paperwork two months after the cutoff and it got thrown out. She was blowing smoke anyway so it would have been thrown out had she submitted them on time. I thought it was crazy that she thought she saw FSD more than S/O reported. When I met him, BM hadn't seen her daughter in over a month. Just like she's crazy now to even think she deserves any of the tax money.

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Two things. First there should be no child support either way as both are contributing 50/50 while the kids lives in their homes.

Last - if Daddy is taking this threat seriously he can make a threat to sue for child support even if he has no intention of following through. If she's money motivated she'll have to think twice.

In the end if she can't afford a car, etc., she can't afford an attorney so I think its a moot argument.