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OT what is considered withholding?

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My husband and I just separated 2 weeks ago. He has been taking the kids twice a week. He was texting me last week demanding he come over and see the kids. I told him he needed to make arrangements in advance and not just call me and say “I’m seeing the kids today”  he started bitching at me telling me he has right and I’m withholding. He has been taking the kids twice a week I just don’t want a revolving door of whatever he says goes.

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Of schedual. So he can see the kids, but kids must have time to do homework, and be in bed at a certain time for school the next day.  Then everybody will know and plan what to do. 

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You need to set a schedule that works for both of you and stick with it.  Get his input on it so he doesn’t just say that you are “dictating the terms of when he sees his kids”.   You are in the very early days having just broken up.... things will most likely be readjusted 10 times over before you find something that actually works, and I would anticipate some level of disdain for a while (unfortunately).  It doesn’t have to be like that but it sounds like he is already starting that up.  I would also suggest working with a mediator right away if you can.... then you have what is going on documented 

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Yes, get something official and agreed upon. In the meanwhile, ask nicely for however much time you need to get the kids ready to see him and stick to it.

He's likely looking for ways to get custody, by making you look like you won't share parenting. Don't give him any excuses.  For now, make the kids available when you can, until you get a real order (might mean canceling things here and there).

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Get a CO. While you are waiting set a schedule and stick to it. Put it in writing that you both agreed to days/times and will follow that until a CO is in place.

Go file today.  Better to have it in place to avoid this.