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Mairin...Update Royal Wedding...PLease

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How are you doing today? I know you must be drained. I have to say...I never heard the words used..."REAL TOTAL". Isn't that "GRAND TOTAL". LOL You might be a redneck, if royal wedding budget = REAL TOTAL.

I am surprised that your SD has not pulled out the "ACE CARD"...referring to traditional wedding.
This is what SD28 and SS35 used when they got married. SD28 educated DH on this...Daddy pays for the wedding. She married into money and was talking $150 a plate for a wedding reception. OMG! We gave her $3000. Cunt BM paid nothing for either wedding. She later told DH...Her future in laws said not to worry. They would pay for whatever she wanted. WTF! What a BITCH! I wanted to tell DH...the $3000 is off the plate.

SD28 and DH rode in white Rolls Royce to the church, I had to hitch a ride with future in laws. After the wedding, DH and I had to hitch a ride to the reception. SD wondered why daddy was late for bride and daddy's first dance.

When I seen the white Rolls Royce, I saw red. I have an instant vision of Bonnie and Clyde. I wanted to load up that Rolls Royce with bullet holes. This would have be away of expressing my feelings of SD28 candy ass. The car would be empty naturally.