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DH Says...He Does Not Care To Be Around His Brother's Wife.

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If you read my pass blog on MIL passing away, I think SIL was kind of controlling on plans for MIL's funeral. I asked DH...What issue do you have with SIL? Is it that she was controlling on plans with the funeral? DH says...That is not it. She is just a candy ass and uses my brother. WTF! LOL!

BIL likes to boost how he does for his wife. Who cares? I think the issue is...DH is afraid I will start being more to I want, I need and etc.

My thoughts are...Why does DH have the red ass with SIL? His brother is acting like the king rooster that every woman wants. Has is brother paid him the money he owes him for MIL's funeral? Hello No! My thoughts are his brother should be on his shit list not SIL.

I think it is fun. I told DH yesterday...I think SIL is getting your brother trained to shop like a woman. SHOP TILL YOU DROP! LOL. That is not my cup of tea. I like to shop on the internet.

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It is funny how many people dislike an IL for something that is actually the fault of their own relative. I struggle with this myself. My SIL is a sweet lady and a very caring mother. Not a great mother but certainly caring. What she is not is an equity partner with my brother. He busts his ass, supports his family extremely well, parents and sets a great example for their kids, etc... while she does shit for nothing and never has.

Their house looks immaculate but heaven forbid if you open any closed door in the place. Cabinets, closets, bedrooms, etc… it does not matter. If you open an door you are taking your life into your own hands and will likely be crushed by an avalanche of shit my SIL has stashed away to maintain the illusion of the successful happy family. The successful is right, and illusion is right, but my brother was far from happy.

When I finally came to realization that he is the problem I changed my view of my SIL. My brother tolerated it and did not jerk a knot in his bride’s tail to fix the problem so I finally told him that I am sorry he is unhappy and it breaks my heart but that he needs to do something about it and quit bitching about it.

He did finally have a come to Jesus meeting with his wife and nailed her ass to the wall on what she would begin doing and continue to do constantly or she was out. I am proud of him for that but still lament the decades he suffered and did not confront the issues.

I think many of us need to confront our SO’s on addressing the issues or confront the issues ourselves rather than just eternally bitching about them.

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I think people dislike anyone they feel is using the person they love. Your husband views his SIL as a gold-digger, so he dislikes her. His feelings are no different than the SMs who think their SKs are only interested in their dads when they need them to fork over money.

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LOL...That is not it. When BIL came over here to brag about the new Buick SUV, DH was like are you happy with your HONDA CR-V? I said...if I had money to piss away, I might like a bigger SUV.

It is a man thing and blood is thicker than water. SIL is a Director Of Nursing. BIL works for a tractor company. I know SIL makes more than BIL. They are also living in SIL's home which was hers before they married.