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Future mil and bil want bil's kids at my wedding. I don't want them!!!!!

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Just sent out all of my wedding invites. Fiancee's big bro George is best man. he's the only sibling to fiancee, and he and his wife have 3 kids.

Fiancee's mom, and George, want George's kids included in the wedding. Fiancee and I have 3 kids of our own who all live with us 24/7 (no biomom or biodad in the picture). so, obviously our kids have to be in the wedding and the reception. I do NOT want George's kids there. That would make SIX KIDS under the age of 10 running around my wedding reception!

Am I WRONG for not wanting them there??? I don't wanna cause any rifts with me and the family, so I have a feeling i'm going to have to CAVE and have them there which makes me very unhappy! it's MY wedding, my mother's paying the bill....

what do i do???

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Foxie, as of right now there IS no honeymoon...we don't have anyone to take our kids for that. we're gonna try to get 3 days kid-free at the beach, gonna ask a bunch of different people even if we gotta split them up. i'm not in a hotel, it's a cheap wedding, 85 guests...there aren't any separate rooms for the kids to be taken into unfortunately Sad But i'm gonna try to figure something out!!