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Late to everything but my fault?

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My gf and her two kids are usually late to everything. Usually her mother is in tow as well. We were taking a trip and they were late to the airport. I was early. I got the blame even though we never rode together. She blamed me for not helping her enough even though I offered to help her she never answered her phone until she got there. I would’ve driven with her but there isn’t room in her car for five people plus luggage so wasn’t sure what to do. I took a lift and was early and waiting on them. When they finally arrived they almost missed the flight and she went off on me for not helping her but how can I help someone who doesn’t answer their Phone? The real frustration is her kids don’t listen to her so they probably lay held her up plus her mother does not get around well either and had a lot of luggage. Yet this is my fault? I think she was expecting me to ride with them someone even though I worked late the night before and I live in the opposite direction plus her car does not fit that many people. Please be honest with me. Is she being reasonable? 

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*Sigh* Why do you keep seeking validation here and talking all around the issue? 

You know that you're still in a cr@ply relationship with your still cr@ppy gf who is still a cr@ppy parent and still treating you like cr@p. Nothing has changed, and it won't until you realize you can do a whole lot better.

Apx fifty percent of the population is female, so find a woman who has her act together and treats you with dignity and respect.

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She is not being reasonable. Nor is it reasonable for you to remain in a relationship with a woman who treats you this way.


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There's only so much advice people can give you before they start feeling like they're banging their head against a brick wall. You're in a cr** relationship with a woman who is happy to treat you like cr**.

There's only so many times you can be told that, if you're choosing to remain in this relationship I'm unsure why you keep being shocked by her behaviour.

Yes we all agree she's being unreasonable. We agree everytime. But how does that help you?

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What is it about this woman that keeps you coming back for more?  Have you actually sat down and thought about why you are putting up with all of this and what you get out of it in return?

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This chick you are dating will never take ownership of her own life and choices. She will blame you every single time she screws up because she refuses to take responsibility for herself. Do you really want to waste more time with this woman-baby?

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Your gf sounds so much like the bm I am dealing with. For your sanity you really should end this thing before it’s too late. 

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I feel every problem she has is my fault because she takes out her anger on me regularly. If she’s behind on her bills it is my fault even though we don’t live together and I have my own place and I always cover my expense and hers when we go out. I also cover her kids costs occasionally too if I am babysitting or taking the to lunch. If she’s late to the airport it’s my fault for not helping her enough with her mom and her kids even though I offered to help her, her kids don’t listen, there’s no room in her car for six people and we live on opposite ends of the city. Still I offered to help but she couldn’t come up with a plan that made sense. I think she expected me to chauffeur everyone even though I live in the opposite direction, was working late, my car isn’t big enough either and wanted me to pay for their parking. I always handle my own costs and then some. She also gets mad because I don’t go to many of her kids games. I have gone but limit them to twice a month because of work I just can’t. Plus they have four or five family members who go watch them already and her kids have not the beat attitude usually and take things for granted. I feel their is no making her happy unless I become a chauffeur, babysitter, chef, and still she never seems happy and this is after I work 60 hours a week at two jobs. I don’t know what I am always doing wrong. She’s also mad I have not sold my house and moved in with her and her kids but after a couple of days of being over there I’m ready for a break. Yes kids are exhausting but hers are whiney and spoiled. She also is angry or depressed a lot and not a joy to be around either.

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New guy, this is a direct copy paste of my input to your previous post. Applies to this one too. 

Isn't this the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.  If you want a different outcome - do something different, like leave your lousy partner!

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I've come to the conclusion that for some weird reason you LIKE being treated like caca by this chick. Hey we all have quirks and yours is that you like being used and abused by some bossy female who is a crap mother who uses you for money and sex. The more you post about her the more I think you're home plate and she's playing every other position in the field. She comes home when she's tired or needs money or needs a whipping boy.

I've seen your kind before. Hell you could be a former friend of mine except your gf won't marry you. You don't really want help. You come here to whine and complain with NO INTENTION of changing your situation or yourself. You can lie to internet strangers all you want dude. Stop lying to yourself.