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Husband giving 7 year old cell phone this wknd. Your thoughts?

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I'm having mixed emotions about my husband giving his son 6, turning 7, a cell phone this weekend for his birthday. He wants his son to use the phone at his Mother's house to be able to call him (Dad) whenever he wants to. I feel like he is going to constantly be on the phone to his son. We both work 12 hour days & I'm always so happy to finally make it back home to spend our short period of time together before bed & to be honest I'm scared that with this new cell phone my husband & his son will text & talk all night long.

Please share your cell phone experiences your step kids. I'm usually don't prep myself for the worst but I just don't see a positive side to this.

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We did this. We started out with strict rules for ALL the kids like, saturday, DO NOT call. Unless it's an emergency. After 9pm, same thing. If you just tell DH you would like a compromise, then he will be happy about that. The rules sadly went down the crapper. But, if I was to mention it, it would go back to the rules again. Hard not to fall back. Cell phone is a great idea for 1 thing especially, you can have it for if, HEAVEN FORBID, he was to get lost after school or while at mom's, you can track him!!

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Thanks for that comment...unknowingly to him the kids already come between us so much & I'm so scared that the 2-3 hours a day of "just us" time that we do get to share will be invaded with calls & text from his son. Rules are good. I suppose I could just communicate my fears to him but my emotions too mixed to even start to have a sane conversation with him about it.

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Can he turn his own phone off during that time? I know some people just can't, like I can't because of my work. Just a suggestion.

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Just because dad gives him a phone, doesn't mean mom will allow him to use it in her home.

BM here was making noise about getting a phone for SDs 6&8. DF let her know that he would take the phone as soon as they got in the car and return it once he dropped them off.

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Same here. SD was only like 5 at the time. She is now 6 & will be 7 in a couple months. I figure when she is like 11/12 she will get a phone & it'll be better for both BM & DH. They wont' have to call eachothers phone to talk to SD. But I don't think it's right to give a child things before they are ready just to avoid having to talk to the person you decided to procreate with. & that's what BM was trying to do, giving a 5 year old a cell phone!

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My kids are 11 and 12 and have their own phones. My son talks to Dad regularly (sometimes, it's inconsistent) but my daughter is much harder to get on the phone. I'll tell her 3x to call Dad and she is too busy to bother. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Like someone said, 7 yr olds don't have much to say.

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my thoughts is that a 7 is to young for a cell phone they are not old enough to take care of it and like others said 7 yr olds really have nothing to talk about. the issue for me would be buying a phone that dont stay in your house. i would never buy skid a cell phone that they would take home so other family memebers could use. if skid needs cell phone then the home they live in is where the phone comes from.

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Why on earth would a 7 year old need a cell phone? Geeesh! People have no sense anymore.