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Had to share, my mom is a genius....

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I was talking to her about my table and all the new scratches I got.  She told me to put a blanket over the whole table, like a tablecloth.  Then inform H and Sd15 that while she is at my table it stays there, just like a toddler that messes up things you readjust as many times they cannot help it, this situation is no different.  She said then say that the consequence for not doing so, the computer will be taken ever time until the next morning.  No excuses or reasons.  Have to do homework, big test, doesn't matter.  Taken. 

I love it!!!!!  She is almost 80 years old and man what ideas she comes up with....had to share!!!!!

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Go Mom ... but that would be PARENTING, and your DH doesn't go in for that "parenting" stuff.

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It's a great idea, but it only works if your DH enforces the rules.  The first time she moves the blanket and your DH doesn't take the computer away all night, it's over - she'll know she's won.  And you know the time she does it there will be homework, a test, national security matters that require SD having her computer . . . and dadddeeee will be struggling to enforce consequences.