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Table Manners

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Need some advice about table manners.

SD9 has terrible table manners, chewing with her mouth open, leaning over the table and dragging her hair in her plate, using the tablecloth instead of a napkin, etc. We provide reminders but nothing seems to stick. Any tips on methods that have worked for others?


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I had a similar problem with SD9. I actually blogged on here about it. After some words with DH, we decided it would be best for him to handle it. I took myself out of it completely. He made meals for her that are difficult to eat...spaghetti, soup, etc. He sat down her down several times and made her eat with manners. He explained to her that we need to use at least basic table manners. He told her that he was not going to tolerate it. He told her the punishment for not using manners would be that she has to eat by herself.

A few nights ago, we were having tacos and some of her stuffing fell out on her plate. She was too lazy to go get a fork and started eating it with her fingers. He took her plate, set up a TV tray in the hall and made her finish dinner in there. It might sound harsh, but it seems to work. As he explained to her, my DD4 is still learning to eat and she is not going to sit there and set a bad example.

He has also rewarded her when she does a good job. It seems to be working. Her manners are not great, but they are improving.

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Puke has terrible table manners even at 16. Slouched in her chair or has her feet in the seat maneuvering her food from the table to the her mouth. Then she eats with mouth open. Not to mention on her phone throughout the meal.

There have been times I've pushed my food away saying I've lost my appetite. DH will ask me after what is wrong. I just say the sight and noise was turning my stomach. I rarely go out to eat with her any more and she eats in about 5 minutes so I just wait her out.

Her bad manners are a reflection of Dad so I don't get embarrassed or even care any more.

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One...let SO handle it. Two...try to not notice so much. I know, easier said than done but just try.

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kaos has horrendous table manners. he is never in my line of sight with food. lurch also used to be very bad, but he improved i guess just with time. they used to do this horrible smacking sound while chewing with mouth open - every time i heard it i said "duuude, quit smackin', that's gross!"

dh never noticed this, ever, until i started pointing it out. he always would chime in, in agreement. then he even began noticing it on his own! Dirol
kaos will literally shove food into his mouth that would take a normal human four bites, then sit there and smush it around in there cuz his mouth's too full to even chew it yet. (you know those brown-n-serve rolls? he'll shove an entire one in his mouth). and he tries talking like that too. if he gets a bit in there that he doesnt like, he'll lean over his plate and let it slowly fall out of his mouth. again, if i see it happen i'll say something. dh gets on his ass too if he happens to see it.

:sick: :sick: :sick:

i have not been out to dinner w/ him in a few years, and i also will not sit a the table while he's eating.

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DH enforces the rules when he's around and I provide reminders when he's not. Doesn't seem to be a priority at BMs house so 1/2 the time she eats, there is no one reminding her of her manners. DH is determined to break her of these habits. Thanks for some of the suggestions (especially charm