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Evil Stepmother

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Hey its me! The evil stepmom! 

Apparently I made the 3 little pigs upset because they ate all the food I bought for myself. My son was standing over my food when I asked if he ate all of it and he said no. I made the comment that I'm tired of everyone assuming that what I buy belongs to them. 

Apparently the 3 little pigs told their dad and now of course I'm the bad guy. 

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My mum taught us as young kids to never be greedy and if food was super delicious and you took a normal sized portion, if you wanted some more to ask everyone in the house if they wanted it.

when i was pregnant with my daughter in the latter half when acid reflux was so bad, gatorade or powerade soorts drinks with the elctrolytes was the only thing helping because i was vomiting so much. I bought 5 bottles and in the morning after vomiting 4 times within an hour and staggering downstairs, all my drinks were gone. 

All the bottles ss17 had drunk up so that was 2.5 litres of drink in 7-8 hours that he should have been sleeping. I even hid them in the veggie compartment where ss never looks there. He was trying to see if i hid any goodies. I messaged hubby at work and hubby said “don’t worry i’ll buy more when i get home after work”, my response to hubby was “great!! What do i do now that i can’t keep any foods or liquids down because that drink is the only thing helping me survive pregnancy and i barely have enough energy to walk?” Why on earth is your son raiding the veggie compartment for my special stuff?

hubby addressed it with ss and never again did it happen. Now he just drinks the juice and maybe some yoghurt drink but its every now and then and our fridge is heavily stocked with it anyways

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I’m the wicked stepmother because I actually expect Skids to pick up their own trash. I’m the wicked stepmother in my in-laws’ eyes because I don’t talk to BM (even though she’s told lies about me to them that they know are lies). I’m also the wicked stepmother because I now plan things to do on visitation weekends because dealing with manipulative, drama-causing, immature teen Skids is not something that makes me happy.

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Yes! Their room is trashed. My house is emaculate its something I take alot of pride in. God forbid I tell them to pick up their shoes. 

We had a visitor not to long ago that wanted a tour of our home since they have not been here yet. When I got to my step daughters room I was mordified! 

Every room in my house is spotless, they have food in their bed, cups, plates, clothes everywhere. So embarrassing. 

I am not your maid! It is not my job to pick up after you. They have lived with me for 2 years now... still dont get it. 

My children know dont ask me for anything if your chores aren't done. Their dad is a total disney dad all the way. 

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First little pig felt the need to call my DH grandmother and tell her I yelled at her for eating food?! Like really? Sweetie I wasn't even talking to you I was talking to my child. Get over yourself. 

I swear to all things holy they drive me up the wall. My DH thinks I should apologize? For what? These little snots only speak to me when they want something and constantly asking me "is dinner ready" "whats for dinner" "can I" "can you" guess what Screw You! 

My children are by no means perfect but they pitch in. My DH is cooking tonight and my son and daughter came to help him. The little pigs smelled food cooking and came running and when they saw it wasn't ready ran off. My daughter is in the kitchen now washing their dishes and my son is taking out the trash.

I cant smh

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"You did notice that the feral pig children of yours came running at the smell of food and ran off when they realized it wasn't ready and my children jumped in and helped right?"

Lather, rinse, repeat.  Tell him the message stays front and center until he parents and the piglets change their behaviors.

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If I were DH I'd be really embarrassed that my kids were behaving that when yours were doing their share and helping.