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So its happening. Insert evil laugh here.

With Covid 19 all the kids are homeschooled with their tablets in their PJs living their best life. As guardian for my steps aka 3 little pigs I recieve emails from their teachers etc etc. 1st little piggy is doing great! No worries about her. Now the 2nd and 3rd little piggy have not been doing their work at all "shocker"

Of course Disney Dad asks me how to handle it. I sit down and write them out a mock school schedule for our house with lunch and recess the whole 9. The 2nd and 3rd little piggy started doing all their work and actually had some of the highest grades they have had all year.

2 weeks ago I recieved an email from the 3rd little piggys teacher saying how proud she is etc. I also recieved an email from the 2nd little piggys teacher about all the work that is missing, haven't even been logging in missing 23 assignments between all her classes. So I sat down with the 2nd little piggy and asked her about all the missing work. She said she turned everything in and even caught an attitude with me sucking her teeth. 

Last week was Spring Break and I told Disney Dad that he needed to handle the 2nd little piggy because I will not be disrespected for trying to help. She told him the same thing that she turned everything in. She had all week to complete the work. Like come on we are quarantined. Get off of your phone and your seizure TicTok dancing.

Today is the deadline for all missing work or she takes a zero. Powerschool is updating as we speak and she has a 23 in social studies! Bahahaha Im sorry this is great. Now she needs help and Daddy is at work until 6pm deadline is 5pm bahahahaha

I already told the 2nd and 3rd little pig if they fail they will be grounded all summer with no cell phones when I recieved the first email about not doing work. I am not paying for their summer school their "real mom" and dad can do that. Everytime her grades update I get a text and I had to go to my room so she wouldn't  hear me laugh. I almost spit out my coffee the first time.

Oh mygosh I just got another one she went from a 100 in Chorus to a 67 lmfao who gets a 67 in Chorus?! Anyway yea I'm evil I know. I don't care. I try to help and when they refuse my help and this happens I enjoy the laugh

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I'd have done what you're doing. If DH asked for my assistance, I'd provide it. But as soon as the kid lies to me, whether DH backs me up or not, I'd be done and let the chips fall where they may.

That's the approach I took with YSS. He struggled with his weekly logs when he was in elementary school, and he'd be behind every weekend he was with DH (somehow, limited-working BM and her non-working now-XH were "too busy" to get him to do it). So I helped him come up with a schedule on weekends to get it done and help talk him through homework (DH did, too, of course).

But when the problems persisted into middle school, and YSS's only response to his missing assignments and bad gradea were "I don't know", I eventually just shrugged. I tried, and he wasn't helping himself.

Now when we find out about his grades, I just look at him and remind him that he's not living with us after 18. DH won't pay for anything for YSS like he did OSS that was "extra" for school (like trips). If YSS won't even put in the basic work of talking to his teacher or using a folder system or even pinpoint what the problem is (I'd even accept "I hate school"), then I'm over it. DH can do as he sees fit.

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Glad to hear of consequences for non performance.  Piggy 2 will hopefully spend next year in the same grade while their peers move on.  One can hope that is the case any way.  There is no better tool for modification of behavior than public humiliation and ridicule by their peers. And for a whole year or more it works even better.

Oink, oink!

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Im looking forward to the taking of the cell phone ceremony and that sweet moment I look DH in the eyes and say I told you so.