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What to do?

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When my SD 12, 10 and 9 come over to our home their clothing smells like dog fesis. BM has several pit bulls and the 9 year old told me one of the dogs will "play bite" her and her sisters.

When they come over they are filthy I have them take a shower and put on clean clothes and I have to wash everything they bring. This has been going on for several years.

I found out that CPS was called on BM several times about the kids and dogs. She was told the dogs had to stay outside but from the smell of the girls clothing and conversations with them I know that isn't the case.

I am conflicted on how to handle the situation. As a mother to my own 3 children I don't want to insult BM by bringing it up, I am worried about the kids going to school smelling that way. Any advice?

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Do you feel this is a safe environment for the children to be in.

If not call CPS. Tell them the facts. The kids smell of dog feces and are saying they are being bit.

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And in the meantime teach them how to use the washer and dryer. They are old enough and sounds like they will need it. Ugh!

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I was hoping to speak to her without involving CPS. We have been on good terms, I don't think she realizes it because she lives in it.

They do their own laundry it's with the animals in the house I believe they are deficating on or near the kids clothes.

I guess I need to suck it up and talk to her about it.

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Thats an awkward conversation but seems like their father should be the one talking to BM about how his children smell when they come to his home. Also I would be very concerned about a pack of pit bulls around children. I recently met a lady whose pit bit her on the face, she had a nasty scar right on her jawline.

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what ever you do, do not speak to BM about it...... it's going to turn into a war...

this is for DH to handle, and as another said - teach the girls to wash their own cloths, and about good hygiene..

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100% this is for their father to handle. Is he around for any of this? Does he notice the smell of feces and see how dirty his own children are??

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Do you know the counselor at their school? If the children smell at school the counselor knows (other kids talk about that kind of thing). You could try to reach out in an innocuous way - or have your SO do it, since he's the parent - saying something like, there's been some conflict at home and you want to be sure that things are ok at school.

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Great ideas guys, we never thought about reaching out to the school counselor. We discussed it last night and he is going to call CPS. We get the girls tonight and I'm driving them to school in the morning so I'm gonna go inside and ask for the counselor to talk one on one. (DH has to work)

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Just be careful how "involved" you get yourself. Support your DH, but be prepared to be blamed for everything, if it goes sour.

I agree that your DH should look into it.

Do the kids talk about the dogs and what is going on with them?

These kids are at a better age then toddlers. Thank God!