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Story Time

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A few weeks ago I was walking upstairs and the 3rd little pig left her bedroom door open. Right in the middle of her floor were 2 of my candles that went missing. I walked in took my candles and turned to leave when I saw my blender bottle laying on the floor with MOLD in it. Well thats trash.

Fast forward to today the 1st and 2nd little pig left for school. They left their bathroom light on, no biggy happens all the time I go to shut off the light when I notice the shower room light and fan is on... okay I go shut them off, as I'm walking out the bathroom I look over to the 2nd little piggies room (its a jack and jill) and notice not only is her light on but the light fixture is missing. 

I immediately text her knowing she is still on the bus she answered me and I told her I will get her dad to put it back up when he gets home from work.

She proceeds to text her dad and say that I am constantly going in their rooms and going through their stuff AND she needs to have a conversation with him when he gets home from work.

MCxcuse ME?! Who TF you think you are?! 

Im happy to say that my husband has come a long way from the Disney Dad he used to be and he put her in her place about who pays the bills etc etc and why is she tearing up the home we work hard for. 

Now when she gets home from school we will have a little discussion about respect. I should totally text her that to ruin the rest of her day..... 


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Has to do weekly or twice a week room inspection.  Put it on DH to make them stop stealing and making there rooms a pig pen 

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She stole your stuff and she is mad at YOU?

Now where on earth did she learn that from.....BM????

I am sorry, I know what it feels like to be stolen from. IT IS AWFUL

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I feel your pain! My SD has no respect for property, whether it's hers or belongs to someone else, and helps herself to my stuff without asking all the time. I've started hiding/locking things away from her now. 

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They learn early to use the deflect tactic and recast themselves as a victim. Disney Dad's fall for it almost every time.

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Oh, I feel you.

I was told I was intruding when I started going into OSD's room at our home. Never, ever was it snooping. I never did that. However, when the smell started leaching into the hallway THAT'S when I went in. Or if she left her door open when she went back to BMs and I could see the wreck I went in. Mold, filth and smell is 100% a reason 100% privacy goes away. One can clean it up without snooping too, it's not hard but the filth is not ever to be tolerated.

I had to have many discussions with DH about the difference between a normal messy room (ok with me) and filth/trash (not ok). I stood my ground very firmly on this since it's also my home.

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I have never understood why any parent would tolerate this at all. Much less to the point that is in play in your home.

The fecal matter would have hit the air rotary oscillating device if we had ever treated out family home, even our own rooms, as these kids treat your home.  And stealing.... Lol. That would have been truly misery inducing.

That his spe-cial entitled toxic spawn had the balls to contact your DH to demand a talk about you entering their rooms that YOU and your DH provide them in YOUR home.... those little girls have balls of monumental proportions. And they need to be neutered.