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Could ourfamilywizard help us?

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SO and BM have not had contact in almost 3 years. BM has changed her phone number and will not let him have it; she will only call him from blocked numbers and that's only happened maybe twice. For about a year and a half SO was contacting her through her father (only to ask for SD time). She will now not allow him to contact her at all so he has no way to get SD3 currently (they were never married and he stupidly didn't take her to court as soon as SD was born, so there is no custody order). A custody battle is going on currently but no temporary custody/visitation order is in affect. I've seen about ourfamilywizard on StepTalk a few times and I was wondering if that could be something to help them right now (without the court ordering BM to use it)? I mean, BM probably won't go along with the idea anyway, but let's say, theoretically speaking, she does agree to try it. Could it be something that benefits their situation since no one is in direct contact with the other parent? It would help him have back up of actually trying to cooperate with BM, at least, even if she does refuse, right?

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I agree, lets wait until he has his court ordered visitation. Then by sticking to it without fail he'll have little need to be in contact.

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in my opinion OFW is a total joke at least for us.

its only as good as the info put into it.

BM refuses to populate the calendar despite being ordered to do so within 24 hours of finding out an event. we never know what's going on with SD13 because she's an idiot and isnt aware of where she is supposed to be when, and what events she has, and we are at the mercy of BM to tell us via OFW. too often we find out abotu things the day before they happen which is of course perfect for BM because then we cant make it and she can reiterate to SD how her father doesnt care about her because he never goes to her stuff.

he and my fiance primarily message which is good for the read receipt factor, but honestly, that can be done with email.

we will not be renewing again at $100 a pop annually.