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Anyone around know the court process in Indiana????

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We are seeking to file for visitation (there are no current court orders on file) for SD, at the very least. We can't really afford to hire an attorney, so we were wondering if there is anyone on here that is familiar with the custody/visitation process in Indiana. Here are our questions so far...

What forms need to be filed to set things in motion?

Where can you get the needed forms?

What do the courts look at when deciding for/against visitation?

How long does this process typically take?

What measures can we take against BM, when we suspect she will lie to the courts to prevent visitation?

How much does your history affect the courts decision?

We are from out of the process different for us to file for visitation?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give!!!!


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I live in Michigan and I have heard it is similar to Indiana laws. I would contact the Friend of the Court located in the county that the child resides in. They will give you free advice as well as the necessary forms to file for the "parenting time"

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Thank you! I have not heard of a "friend of the court" before. What do they do, do you know? I will google it regardless Smile

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Friend of the Court is usually through the Family Division. The Friend of the Court is the one who enforces Child Support Orders, Visitation, etc.

You would file a motion with them to get visitation and then you more than likely would go in front of a mediator or a "referee". Whatever is decided, if either party does not agree, then you would file another motion with them to go before a judge. You can go in front of a judge without hiring an attorney, although it is better if you do.

If you can't afford an attorney - remember to document, document, document - everything!