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There are all sorts of forum threads for "disengaging" and that's fine for those who are fed up and have determined with their SO that this works for them. How about a forum topic for those who are actively trying to co-parent. Posting to other forums with the topic of co-parenting seems to bring all the "disengaging" supporters.

That is there opinion and they are welcome to it, but how about a forum for people who are trying to co-parent can discuss how to do that successfully without getting bogged down in what comes across as negativity?

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My suspicious is that those who make it work for any length of time are rare and those who have that rare ability don't really need outside help. After all help is only reached for in times of distress.

BUT - some of the Forums here have little activity and there certainly would be no harm in giving it a try. Back up your suggestion with a contribution towards the software work that would need to be done and encourage others to do the same.

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Done. Smile