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Oh Goody

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I get to be first. I hope this new forum is very successful.

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Smile If we are speaking of co-parenting, once your past the bitterness, if that has to be the case, it's best the court's, put a plan in place, if you have a reasonable & responsible parent who is looking out for the best interest of the kids, then they should be on board.
Of course we want see eye to eye, but hec, at some point you want peace and if you can co parent with out a fuss then, we have to pick our battles. Document, Be Polite, my mom always told me you can't argue with a fool.
We have both a BF& BM , I'm not sure if it's a woman's thing,but that's were the issues come in at, so I'm hoping she will come around, since we do this daily.

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We don't have it yet, but im thinking about asking our lawyer to request it in the next court hearing. BM is one of those crazies that wish my husband would have been a deadbeat so she treats him like he has no business with any parenting matter. I think it would be in the best interest of the child if her parents were to get along and be able to discuss school, medical, and extracurricular activities without it being hostile. I know it would piss BM off, just the fact that she wouldn't have a choice. But honestly I think in the long run it would be best for the child especially when she reaches teen years of rebellion.

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My bride and I coparent great together. When you throw the Sperm Idiot and Sperm Clan in to the mix it all goes to shit in a hurry. Particulary when the Sperm GrandHag sticks her controlling vitriolic manipulative head our from under the Sperm Clan rock.

I truly detest the Sperm Clan and their entire shallow and polluted gene pool. Except for my Skid of course. I have raised SS-21 as my own since a week before he turned 2yo. His mom and I raised him to be a viable adult of character so he has put the shallow and polluted half of his gene pool far behind him.

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Rags, I feel the same way...more or less, exactly the same way! BD and his gene pool are mostly trouble. All have had bitter lives and as I understand it, family get togethers are excuses to show off the newest flavor of the week (new boyfriends/girlfriends) as all are divorced and very few remarried.