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Setback and CS modification

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BM has been rather nice lately, but we knew that there would eventually be something that set her back a few steps. My parents came down for the weekend last weekend, which happened to be the weekend that we had SS for visitation. We asked SS if he would like for him and BF to spend the weekend with me and my parents in the condo they rented, or stay at home. We gave him the option, and he decided to spend the weekend with my parents. Mind you, we never told him that he shouldn't tell his mother or made it look in any way like we were trying to hide the fact that this is the decision he made. Well, BF gets an email from BM a few days ago that says:

"I thought we'd moved beyond keeping secrets regarding SS. Please
tell me why SS was at a condo that he had no business being at with
people who aren't his family and never will be!
When do you think you'll be able to pay another payment to child
support? I have insurance and extras for SS--pictures, yearbook, etc
that have to be paid and could use regular child support payments.
How's things going with you? SS said he wasn't supposed to tell me
about where he spent the weekend, but he did. It would have been
respectful if you'd called to let me know and ask if it's okay. He's
not to be around just anybody and they aren't family!"

Now, mind you, BF pays child support every month. It is due at the end of the month, not whenever she needs money. Also keep in mind that she's currently unemployed because she got fired from her job in OCTOBER and has yet to find employment. I wonder if she happened to ask SS if he was given the option of where to stay over the weekend and he CHOSE to stay with me and my family. I think it's so funny that she gripes at him, lies, ASKS HOW HE'S DOING, demeans my family, and also manages to ask for money all in the same email. Man is she talented!

I told you guys a while back that BM was filing for more CS because she lost her job. BF turned in the required paperwork and proof of income that they asked for. We got a letter from the state board of CS enforcement which said that the current amount is inappropriate considering the current circumstances, and they'll send us another letter saying what the new amount will be, which he can appeal in court if he wants to - and he will want to.

BF called BM after the nasty email the other day. She told him that she "heard through the grapevine" that he was going to try to take SS away from her. He asked where she'd heard that. "From your GIRLFRIEND!" WTF? He said that she started it by informing the state that she was unemployed, and that if she can't manage to hold down a job, it's not his responsibility to pay for her bills. He said, "You want more money, I want more time. Plain and simple." His hopes are that the judge will see how unstable and unhealthy the environment is at BM's house, and turn over custody to BF in lieu of forcing him to pay her more money because she got fired.


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Sounds like nearly identical emails we get from BM as well. Although I would never give the compliment of being talented Wink
They just can't stand it when they don't know everything that's going on and have any kind of say in the matter, let alone the control that they think they are ENTITLED to. LOL


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and yr hubbys and most importantly yr SSs that the judge does give him custody, but we all know how judges can be and most of them dont care what the BM has done, esp when it comes to money, but the father better keep paying up, no matter what...soooo frustrating.

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why do alot of states take into consideration the NCPs income potential but not the CPs?

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She also had the nerve to tell him that he'd better think about marrying me because when he does, she'll be able to sue for more CS money because my income will make his income go up. HAHA what she doesn't seem to understand is that when BF and I have a child together, his CS payment will go DOWN, and from what I understand it won't go up when we get married...

*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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You are Old Like Me, if You Remember that one...LOL

Kids are the Best and Worst Things We can do to Ourselves. When We have nothing else worth living for, We'll go on, for Them, but Oh How We Miss Our Freedom...LOL

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She has a minor in some sort of law degree so she thinks that she can just make up laws and we'll believe her because we aren't "educated" in that arena. She also does the same with medical stuff. She thinks we're just too stupid and gullible to find out for ourselves (or already know) the truth.

*~So sayeth Nymh~*