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Money grubbing Harpy! A vent about money.

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My issues aren't so much with DH's kid these days, so much as with her "mother". Uberskank is completely incapable of behaving like an adult. She sends DH texts from his kids cell phone asking him for money. Uses his kid's email account to send him messages, mainly asking for money. Or my personal favorite, uses his kid as a messenger - making up some story to get money.

Yesterday we picked up DH's kid to take her school clothes shopping, she told him she didn't know how her mom was going to be able to afford the $100 to register her for school. We look at each other and DH tells his kid " go to public school and you're mother is unemployed. They can't charge her to register you and they can't keep you from attending class". The kid insisted she will be barred from school unless her mom comes up with the $100. DH said, XXXXXX, then that's something your mother and the school needs to work out."

She brought it up three more times. Finally DH reminded her this was not something he would discuss with her. He went on to say if her mother wanted to discuss it, she should text him or email him.

***Back story - Uberskank is unemployed, had a car repo'd at the beginning of the year, was evicted and now lives in section 8 housing...yet she is driving a luxury sedan. Think Audi, BMW, Lexus style of car. So we get a little frustrated by these constant attempts to get more and more money above the CS that is deducted out of his pay every two weeks.***

This is the fourth attempt in the last two months that Uberskank has used the kid to get extra money out of DH. Why can't she just contact him instead of using their child as blackmail? Why can't she send him a text or email, like a grown-up, and admit she's strapped and ask if he would mind paying for half?

Vent...vent....vent.....Thank you! I just needed to get that off of my chest! Biggrin


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I feel your pain sister! Vent away!!! Our BM is voluntarily unemployed...has run out of insurance scams...and is now looking for a paycheck from DH.
She lives common law with her boyfriend...and he pays for everything.
Money grubbing parasite....yep thats her.

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Exactly! When DH recently asked his kid how her mother's job search is going, he was told she makes more money on unemployment and food stamps! She has two other kids with two other bio-dads, one she is CP and one she is NCP. She is trying to get custody of the one she doesn't have, not because she's a great mom but for the CS!

She also has a new boyfriend (that's where she got the car) and is constantly taking weekend trips. DH's kid is always telling us about how she took her and her siblings to this place or that place for the weekend.

He doesn't mind spending money on the care of his kid. It's knowing that if he gives in, the money will not go to his child's needs but to Uberskanks hair, nails and clothing fund.

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Oooh, oooh, I have one!!

I will say, our BM actually keeps a job, and apparently makes a LOT (or so she thinks) because she certainly lives it up. Her most common shenanigan is to tell SD14 they can't afford anything. Well sure, you can't afford shoes for the teenager; it's all going to the $300k house note!

She goes on and on about being a 'good Christian woman' and yet... tried to lie to the airline to get out of paying the unaccompanied minor fee. Note, she doesn't pay a penny of the actual tickets, just the fee, one way.

I was so mad about that one that I wrote her an email and sent it to DH. (I was in Afghanistan at the time) We got a laugh out of it and felt better.

Here it is: (names redacted)

Dear BM,

We were worried with me stuck in Afghanistan that we wouldn't be able to keep up with the How To Be A Skanky Ho classes you've been giving SD14 - some things need a woman's touch, right? Thank God you were on the ball at the airport giving the It's OK To Lie Cuz' Mama Needs Her Drinkin' Money lesson! We'll take her shoplifting next week to hammer it home, okay? It goes so well with all the other lessons you've given her over the years:

Make-up For 10-Year-Olds (How to Look 21 Without Even Trying!)
How To Be Shallow
It Doesn't Matter If You're a Slob As Long As You're Popular (With The Guys, If You Know What I Mean)
How To Spend Money You Don't Have
Men And Children Are For Abusing
How To Be A Hypocrite
Everyday Trash-Talking
How To F*** Without Birth Control And Get Money

I have to admit, you didn't do so well with the last one - but hey, you added How To Marry A Doormat and Get Him To Adopt The Kid Whose Dad Ran Away, so you made out great on that one!

Thanks for all the hard work!

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Can I suggest some light reading for her next plane trip? I gave my SDD a copy of "The More The Merrier: Extra Babydaddies= One Hella Phat Free Ride!" It's in the self help section.

My SD is only eight, but with so many young women getting married and *gag* working to support themselves, I'm really worried about what this country is coming to. When did women just flat out stop living up to their whoring potential? It's like they just don't understand how the welfare system works!

The trick is not to keep having kids with the same dude. You have to get several dudes that don't already have kids, so you get that biggest chunk of thier income. I've told my girls a thousand times if I've told them once. I just pray they're listening.

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OMG! I cannot believe I just read that. We went through this a couple of years ago with my husband's idiot ex! She lied to the airlines to try to get out of paying for an unaccompanied minor ticket. Then we we got to the airport, she asked us to lie about her age. We of course, weren't going to lie. And we ended up paying for the damn ticket!

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Aw, thanks ladies.

I really think the humor aspect is important. I was highly offended that the Mother Of The Year thought it was okay to LIE just to get out of paying a standard fee that she knew about in advance. I was writing a "What I would say if I could get away with it" email, and it got nasty - personal insults galore. I was getting more and more frustrated and bitter. Then I stumbled on the humor in the situation, wrote that up, and shared it with DH (and DH ONLY) and we were able to laugh and get over being offended because really, she's laughable.

I'm lucky that we live 900 miles away from BM - I've only met her 4 times in over 4 years. Of course, this means we don't have regular influence on SD14, but she's been rejecting BM's philosophies - or playing up to us, I'm not sure which.

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You're very lucky. Uberskank lives within driving distance and every once in a while I have to look upon her Skankiness. Biggrin

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@Goodbyenormajean - I love love love it. Laughed so hard I'm crying over my keyboard.