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Not Attending My SD's Second Wedding

NewBeginning's picture SD is getting marred next week and I will not be there. I love my husband but I cannot go to this ordeal in good faith and put on a smile. She's 25 and I've been in her life since 2008. She has God my husband to choose either his marriage or her many times when lies she tells backfire on her. She has stolen so many things from my home I don't know where to begin. She accused her ex husband of raping and sodemizing his own daughters and stated he forced them to perform oral sex on him while a friend videotaped it. The case was denied and terminated because there was no evidence. She has put him through hell and back and to be honest I fear that one day I'm going to be on the accent end of one of her lies so severe I'm going to end up like him fighting with an attorney. I feel strong in needing to keep my distance from her and her kids because when things aren't her way the lying starts. My hubby is disappointed in not going and I wsh things were efferent for us but this is how our life is. I never got an invite for one but he wanted me to go regardless. I have no intention of going. I need your thoughts on this. The wedding is during a weekday and I'm working so I'm not worried about just missing it and staying home. My hubby's family is not attending either other than a couple and his family is huge. They like me are tired of her stories. Ami wrong here?

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I hope the groom knows all this past history. Poor man p*sses his bride off, he'll be next.

Just say 'no'. No excuses, no justifying your position. No, I'm not going. Walk away from any farther attempts on DH's part to discuss the topic.

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Of course not. There's no more reason to go to her wedding than to some 2 bit street hooker's wedding who found a john to marry. (ETA - I'm probably maligning the hooker who might have more morals than your SD).

You didn't raise her. She was within months at most of being an adult when you met her according to your dates. She is nothing to you but a boil on the ass of the world at large.

I wouldn't let that train wreck within a 10 mile radius (preferably 100) of my life. Don't even listen to your DH talk about her.

Go into ERASE mode with her with respect to your life.

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Well she didn't invite you. So why would you crash her 2nd wedding? She is 25 and having another go and being married? Well it takes all sorts I suppose.

I certainly would not crash a wedding. So there is your 'out' if your DH pushes the issue.

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I think maybe she meant to say he's "disappointed I'm not going". I think he IS going.