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BM - Crazy as a sh*thouse rat

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I have to say that BM has never been diagnosed with a mental illness, to my knowledge. However, her behavior since I've known her, and the stories DH relates, makes it very clear that she is suffering from some untreated issues.

1. BM has no education (highschool dropout) but claims to have a doctorate in seminary. She was ordained online, and now presents herself as a "minister", "reverend", etc. She has perfected this online persona of suffering martyrdom and wants people to believe that she is nothing but perfectly trustworthy, decent and wise. She is none of these things.

2. BM has abandoned SS. Does not call, pay CS, acknowledge birthdays without prompting, etc. She claims that we keep her from him, and that we "coach" him to ask her questions about why she won't allow him to visit her. We have years of emails and phone records that completely disprove all of this, but she maintains her position even in the face of written evidence.

3. BM lived with a really nasty man for years who would emotionally abuse SS and videotape it, then post videos online. SS would be huddled on the floor while BM's boyfriend tried to get him to say that he had been abused by us. This same boyfriend, told DH and I (when our daughter was born) that we should "go home and watch our retard die". Our daughter is blind, developmentally delayed, and has several medical issues. Lovely man, really.

4. Lies, lies, lies. About everything and anything. Went around telling people that she'd spent thousands of dollars on the divorce, and that it had dragged on for years. The truth is, DH filed & paid for everything while BM had a free attorney through legal aid. The divorce was finalized in less than a year, and BM didn't pay a dime. Court records easily proved this.

There's so much more, but I wanted to get some of it OUT so I don't have to focus on the lies BM tells to make people feel sorry for her. Ugh.

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Good grief! she sounds certifiable!

SS11.5 BM did graduate from high school, not sure how, as she had a baby when she was 16 and is truly dumber than a box of rocks. We sent SS up to get his ski "stuff" the other night and she called DH to say that she coudln't find SS Northface coat, (that DH just bought him) so what should she send? WTH? How bout send his swimming trunks you moron... send another winter coat, I know the kid has at least 3! WTH do you need to ask such a question for??? anyway, (I digress). BM belongs to this cult church thing where she goes like at least 3 days a week and they call it "class" and (MIL tells me) that supposedly after attending "class" for some period of time and doing God knows what else, these people become "Doctors" in the church (or whatever the hell it is) and carry briefcases and do God knows what.

I think that people like BM, who will never go to college, will never have a decent job, who will always live in debt, running from creditors etc. seek out someplace where they can be "important" and these crazy ass churches and on-line places are happy to take their money and time. It's sad.

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Sounds like my bm, she even went so far as to say that dh was behind in CS and even tried to open a case and get more but then it was proven that dh as a head. If that wasn't enough she said that back CS was going to come out of his check all at once (which she claimed was almost 1k) but in reality dh was 1k a head and she got squat for about 2 months. But then she would call all the time telling dh that she was going to get 1k from him so he better pay for about 2 months the same time that she didn't get anything.

She still tries to tell the kids that dh doesn't pay anything. However they are smart and teens so how can bm live or have money to pay for anything when she doesn't work????

I could go on like you but I'll stop there b/c everything out her mouth is lies.

She tried to get my son arrested several times for various reasons and none flew then asked if she could take my dd to another state for a concert??? :?

Enough said huh? I can relate to everything you said sorry you are dealing with that I know how you feel.