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SD Sitting in Daddy's Lap

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Okay - went to a restaurant with SD and her man.

We were told we had to wait a short while for a table and I walked over for a minute to check out a picture that caught my eye. It was just a matter of less than a minute when I turned around and my 19yo SD was sitting with my DH on a waiting his lap. She had her legs sprawled on the other side of him and her head in his neck.

She is married with a child now and her man was just standing there looking like the idiot he is.

DH's face? When he saw MY face...he knew. I could have thrown a royal fit, but he knew.

I'm sorry but that whole scene was creepy..he did everything he could to try to get her to sit up and she finally did. I got the look of death of course from her because Daddy was not liking what she was doing..but hey..who cares?

Now tell me - am I wrong to find this creepy? DH said she pretty much snatched him and sat down when I made my way across the room. He thought I was going to cause a scene, but I told him I am expecting HIM to initiate his OWN way of correcting her behavior. All I get when I start something with her is to make a new challenge - which she LOVES.

He knows better than to piss me off any further after she walked into my home and stole money from my purse last weekend..that little trite.

I told him I'm simply NOT going to compete with his grown adult daughter for ANY affections from him. She's not a girlfriend nor a wife to act like the way she does. Her little flirtations are sickening anymore. The only man whose lap she should be sitting in is her husband's....but her husband is such a wimp he probably thought it was okay because it's what his lovely wife wanted.

So - am I wrong in my thinking?

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Thank you! My thoughts exactly! But she sees it as she was 'princess' as a kid so it should carry over to adulthood.

My thing is - I asked DH how did he feel that if strangers saw her sitting like that would they feel he and his daughter were 2 lovers? Not knowing any better they just might. Is that what kind of impression he wants to give people?

DH KNOWS his daughter is a possessive, jealous, controlling to how he plans on dealing with her from this day forward remains to be seen. Smile

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I've gotten to the point when I hear her LOUD and NASAL-INDUCED voice scream 'DADDY!!!' I grit my teeth. She has one of the most irritable voices I've ever heard.

She carries herself like she does no wrong, but she's just like her worthless piece of trash mother. EXACTLY. Same traits.

Sleeps With Many Guys
Lays HUGE Guilt Trips on DH

In DH's defense..and yeah he needs to get his balls back from his daughter - but wow!! I have NO idea how he has ever put up with her shit. I would have sent her off to a remote planet and left her years ago for her actions.

She's pretty much what I would call sadistic. I can remember her telling me how she's went to the ER so many times they told her if she came back they were going to put her in the mental ward, for they felt there was nothing wrong with her.

Nothing physical that is. Psychologically - YES.

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Good idea!!

You know - and I don't care what this sounds like - but when I saw that scene and remembered how she stole from me this past weekend..and knowing there was no way in hell I could prove it nor ever get the money back.....

...and I saw how uncomfortable DH was due to knowing it didn't look good... mind swung right back to how angry I felt she stole from me and I swear I could have walked across that room and beat the living shit out of that little girl. Just knowing it will NEVER be proven as factual because I honestly can't prove it..but I KNOW it was her. I would bet any amount of money on it being her. She sat there like she was some sort of queen..and knowing that she pretty much got away with theft...I could have snapped her neck as she sat in DH's lap.

I honestly hope and pray nobody else ever has to deal with their stepchild..GROWN stepchild...stealing from them. Trust brings out an anger that cannot be described.

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You know, I'm super affectionate with my kids and skids, and I almost threw up in my own mouth a little bit reading this post. It is SUPER inappropriate that she was doing that, and she should get down on her knees tonight and thank whatever god she prays to that I'm not her stepmother, because I would have ripped her up by her arm and embarrassed the tar out of her. That is beyond ridiculous.

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OK- completely creepy. My question is this: when you say
"My thing is - I asked DH how did he feel that if strangers saw her sitting like that would they feel he and his daughter were 2 lovers? Not knowing any better they just might. Is that what kind of impression he wants to give people?"
What was his answer??? I want to know what your DH said when you pointed out that his DD was straddling him in public. I also second the taking a pic thing. Perhaps he needs to see it in black and white to understand how incredibly sick and inappropriate the whole thing is?

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WOW just WOW!! :jawdrop:

I sat on my dads lap once since I've been grown but that was more of a joke one day when I was trying to get my dad to give me his refrigerator. My mom took a pic and it is remember as funny.

But for her to do that in public and the way she did plus she did behind your back like she was saying he is mine and not yours I won. That is how I took it anyway. sick :sick:

My dh wouldn't let her do it in the first place so none issue. But EWEEEE

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I work as a host in a restaurant, and I notice these types of weird behavior. I see it all the time, and it makes me sick to my stomach...

From the daddy that carries his 10 year old daughter around, to the father who sits next to his 15+ year old daughter and would not stop rubbing her neck and back while they eat...

Oh and this weird family, it was like a mother, father and two teenager girls of perhaps 15, 17 years old or so... Everytime one of the girls was going to the bathroom they had to kiss their dad (on the cheek) it was weird... and the dad cuddled with one of them the whole entire time they were eating...


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Ya know, I have to admit, my BF is an affectionate guy but not in public. It does creep me out when my SD11 acts this way. The counselor finally explained to him that it would confuse her sexually later in life. That he needed to treat her the way that she should expect men to treat her, not just boyfriends.

What kills me even more, if BF would see her doing the same things with HER boyfriend, he would freak out! I find that hilarious.

It amazes me that these grown men act this way with their daughters and do not see it as strange. Now I could see, sitting on his lap for a quick hug, but not cuddling with him in public.

So sorry for you.... Yeah, it would be world war 3 with me and BF.

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19 years old, married, has a child of her own and sitting on your dh's lap in a restaraunt?? Give me a break! She should of been sitting on her own dh's lap! That is very inappropriate behavior!

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Flipping disgusting. yuck yuck yuck. gag! Lol, okay I am done. Honestly, I think that both DH and SD are at fault there. Deff SD initiated the poor and tasteless behavior, but DH should have squashed that shit like a bug the second she tried you know?

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Gross. I have to deal with that and on my wine soaked weekend away from BF and his bitches I told him that when he called. I said if you insist on this behavior with her, don't even THINK about coming around me! If she's your wife, you sure don't need another one and you better knock it off. It's DISGUSTING!!

He sounded incredulous. Are you serious?

You bet I am! That is SICK!

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Blender that is great I love that! I think that is what you should do the next time it happens!! LOL

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So gross, but I totally hear you. My 18SD is very touchy with her dad. Watching TV she'll have her arms wrapped around his neck, playing with his hair and so on. Walking on the street they might hold hands or hug. To me they look like a couple and for the longest time I thought maybe that's ok, maybe that's how father/daughters are. I grew up without a father and just don't understand.  She acts totally nice and sweet and extremely needy of her father. She has a car yet he still picks her up and drives her place.  He takes her to the hair salon and waits for her there. They take father daughter trips which is great except that I'm never consulted if their timing might interfere with other plans. One time I brought up to him that they look like a couple and he rolled his eyes at me and said yeah... so do you and your son (who is 8). I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I'm waiting for her to start dating but it's not looking hopeful. She has no friends since she prefers the company of her dad to them.