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Does Your DH/BF Budget Money/Bills?

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...cause mine sure doesn'!

I swear - if I didn't remind him of things due, he'd completely think utilities were free!

In my first marriage, I had to control how things were paid for my 1st husband was horrible at spending. My DH now is just as bad if not worse.

I hear it all the time with the girls I work with - how horrible their men are at money.

Why is this?? Because they just want us to do it or what??

I have to admit - and LOUDLY - if my DH thinks for one minute I'd like to be the responsible one ALL THE TIME...he better think again. :?

I'd LOVE to just get up daily and go to work and not worry where the money is going, but I can't seem to do that. I worry about utilities and payments that need paid..main reason a person works!

I've seen DH spend his entire paycheck on his kids and grandkids...happy to have taken them out and to have been able to buy for them. But what he didn't realize is that we were on a budget that week that he just BLEW COMPLETELY UP. I'd love to be able to do that with my family...but I have bills to pay!

And let's just say...I wasn't in the slightest happy. I work hard to pay bills and I just wish he felt the same. He's a happy-go-lucky person...but with money just a little TOO happy.


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my dh suprisingly is good with money so I guess I got lucky in that department! Are you in the control of the finances here too as well?

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My dh isn't good with money. He has no concept of what our bills are, and even less concept of what other things cost. We have 6 children, two of them tweenaged boys, and we get no child support. So he gets paid weekly and I own my own business, so I pay myself once a month. I told him when he started this job how much he has to give me every week. He can do whatever he likes with the rest. If his part of expenses is less one month, I give him a refund. If it's more I cover it because I make way more money. But I also contribute to our savings, so it's not like I have more to spend. We pay the same to bills, groceries, etc, and I put the difference between his checks and mine in savings. I'd love for him to manage the finances, but we'd be living in a cardboard box.