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Just Needed to Vent

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Just need to vent - and if anyone wants to respond, so be it. I just need to get it out.

I'm finding myself so frustrated today when I go back to this weekend and how my SD stole money from me.

You know, the money actually means nothing. It's the sense of entitlement that she felt she had in order to do it. I remember her leaving - laughing and carrying on like the nut she is. Laughing all the way out to her car with her small child and husband with my money either in her pocket or her pants.


I have found little things such as jewelry missing from my room..Bath and Body Works stuff ..and if I remembered back each time she was in that area when they were taken. So I firmly believe she has stolen from me before now.

DH mentioned it again today - he actually said the same thing - he doesn't worry so much about the money but just knowing he's thinking what he's thinking is weighing heavy on his mind. He KNOWS his daughter took it. Says he never raised his daughter like that.

I told him I'm sure you didn't..but you DID raise her to feel entitled enough to feel she was entitled to whatever she feels makes her happy.

I feel very out of sorts today, like I'm not feeling very welcome in my own home. I feel violated by this little trite. And in order for me to let this anger subside, I have to accept that my SD is a thief. I have to realize the horror that I live with.

My husband and I have been married since February - if anyone knew how it felt to have to admit his family is stealing from me ALREADY in my own'd be sick. It's embarrassing, horrifying..but most of all maddening. I say that because I could drive to her house and start the biggest brawl you've ever seen..but she will NEVER admit it. NEVER.

I'm up a creek without a paddle. I knew that when we all went to dinner the other night and she proceeded to sit in my husband's lap. I knew at that point that anything she does just ANNOYS the living shit right out of me and it's compounded by her stealing. I could barely look at her let alone act like I wanted to be there with her. I honestly wanted to see how I reacted to her after this and how I feel I am going to survive at family functions with her there after all this.

I've found out it won't fare very well for I barely said 2 words to her.

I'm so conflicted...I love my husband so much and I've never known anyone like him. I know you all know how I feel - to love someone that much and loathe their child..I'm just so angry at her. And at my DH for allowing her to feel so entitled when she shouldn't have.

But most of all - just knowing she got away with it is disgusting. And my DH is letting me vent all I want..and I've been very angry at him towards her and even said I'd ban her from this house if I could. He's let me vent because he knows I'm frustrated.

The next time I see her sorry ass will be Thankgiving...I almost wish it was already over.

Just very frustrated here. I honestly feel it's time to see a counselor because I am not going to be able to function in a life with a man with a daughter such as this without some sort of intervention. I don't hide how I feel towards her and I know it has to hurt him to hear my big mouth but I feel strongly about it.

I just want to find peace again.

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Dear new biginning i know how u feel and its very frustrating but dont lose hope i know in time your ste daughter will appreacite you.
God, knows this is the hardest job and unrewarding. I also feel your pain but rememeber dont let her get you.

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I remember the original post about this. How old is this girl? Does she have a key to your house?

I have to say, this isn't a child. If she's got a kid of her own, it's time for her to live like an adult. And if she's going to live like a thieving adult, she might have to live like an adult that isn't welcome everywhere anymore. Like your house. I wouldn't let someone steal from me numerous times and then come back into my home.

You might have to explain it to DH like "what if I had a son and he ripped you off. Imagine it."

I mean, frankly, you don't even know what this kid might do next. Whatever she feels like, probably.