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Sd's "country accent" drives me up the wall...

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Sd talks A LOT she airways has... that's fine.... she lies A LOT... ok... got it... but her RANDOM country accent drives me BONKERS she swears up and down it isn't forced. She does  a pause and then says "drivers license" in this THICK country drawl. It sounds like "dravers lassense" when she speaks completely normal (aside from her normal lisp). She also looks for ever excuse to say the words drivers license to show off.

I get code switching. I speak with a country accent when i talk with my grandmother and mom, but have also been told by people that i have no accent.  But sd literally has no accent OTHER than when she says that specific word, and then it's the thickest country accent you can imagine. It's super annoying!  

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I live in GA, but I am from the Midwest. I have literally heard moms TEACHING their kids to say things with a drawl. There are PLENTY of people that do it on purpose. I guess they think it is cute? Idk. 

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I have been in sd's life since she was 5, she didn't start saying this until she was about 10, I guess she never really even SAID the words drivers license until then, but when she did it was the first time i heard her have a country accent... I think you're right, she thinks some how is cute or quirky... SD does ANYTHING to be cute and quirky, it's annoying being belief! At first when she first started it, i corrected her (before I began the disengaging process).  She acted like saying it correct was impossible, she just continued saying it with the country drawl... i think of someone naturally had the accent is fine, it's cute sometimes..  but when it's OBVIOUSLY forced, it's really annoying... i get playing around using different scenes as a joke/ to play around... but to honestly act like you CAN'T say it right, it's annoying

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Do you think she's mocking the accent you use with your family? I ask because I have been on the receiving end of this kind of crap and it's annoying and frustrating as heck. 

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I think she's attention speaking. You have three choices: ignore, have Dad talk to her or use the call out mthod "what's that dear I couldn't understand you" 


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I just ignore it, but i had to post it here, as other people just find it endearing... like "awww listen to her sweet little accent" when I'm like, no thanks.  

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when they say that calmy, almost bored like, say "accent? she doesn't have one, she likes pretending"

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Use the Queen's English accent on her. Use hillbilly on her. . Have fun with it. It will take the wind out her sails.  Or just return that southern blessing " well bless her little heart".   That's code for ain't she an A$$h@le.  LOL 

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Is this like how if you say "rise up lights" it sounds like razor blades in Australian?

My SD will look for just about any chance to do a British Australian or French accent (they are all the same by the way). It's incredibly embarrassing when she decides to do this when there's someone who has an accent because it sounds like she's making fun of them. This is one of the most irritating things she does.

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Sooner or later, someone will ask her if she's trying to be funny and her reaction will no doubt be worth watching. 

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Similar, but she honestly tried to convince everyone that this is just the way she says it, since she spends so much time with her mom (who she in convinced also has an accent, although I've heard her mother talk about sd getting her drivers license and she's NEVER said it that way) I'm convinced sd thinks saying it that way makes "QUIRKY" but in reality it makes her look desperate for attention... 

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It sounds like "dravers lassense"


That is hillbilly to the Max. Hope she grows out of it. 

If any of my kids started talking like that I would have correct them. 






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EXACTLY she speaks COMPLETELY normal, you wouldn't be able to tell where we're from listening to ANYONE in this house or her mother's house talk... we live in the suburbs not the rural area from where we are from... just that one word she acts like that's just how she says it, and she even PAUSES to get ready to say the word... it is ridiculous, if she was mine I'd tell her to knock it off, she literally sounds like a moron... especially when she INSISTS that's just the way she says it. 

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and I take NO offense at all. Not discrimitory or intolerent. Its funny and true.

Dang people are so sensitive. Obviously not enough moonshine in their system if they are offended. Oh and I can say that too, with no regrets.

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It'll come in handy....

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I've lived in Philly all my life. I've been told I have the Philly accent by people out of state. However, my grandmother & extended family were/are down south - Virginia to be exact. I know I have picked up a few words, such as Darlin'. People I meet from the Philadelphia area always think I was raised down south & have a southern accent. My co-worker jokingly swears I am in witness protection. I am really from Texas and altered by Birth Cert. I sound perfectly fine to me. I thought maybe it was from speaking with my grandmother, but she's been gone 20 years, yet I still am asked where I'm from. I don't sound any different then anyone I'm around to me. 

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That is hilarious. You should start using your own funny accent on certain words, and just keep a straight face. See what happens. LOL.

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Sounds like she's an attention Ho. Have you told her she sounds ridiculous? 

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Yes, and that's when she doubles down and is like "no that's really how i say it. It's because I'm around my mom all the time and i have a country accent because of her"

Her mom does not have a country accent either... and if she did... wouldn't sd have picked up her accent through more than just ONE word? 

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Then all you have to do is chuckle and say "yeah, sure.. . " and go on with your life. 

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Tell the phony SD that her accent sucks. Southerners have charm as well, and she is lacking in that department too.

ETA   The point of this post was that she finds SD's accent annoying. Its a vent.  Thats what this site is for. Its not unheard of for (rather annoying) people to fake up an accent, the talent for being phony. Probably OP puts up with so much BS and this grinds her .

Vent away OP  (said in a southern drawl)

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Probably I would just ignore the dumb accent and respond as you normally would. However I do see how it is annoying!! 

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I seem to recall my friends and I affecting an accent when we were in HS... I don't think it's unusual for kids to try on "personas"..

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I grew up in Northern Ontario Canada and I recall (hilariously) that I went through a valley girl phase... lol

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Ontario as well. I had a valley girl phase in the 90s, with a name for myself and everything, and mostly did it to drive my brother bonkers one summer. My plan worked lol. 

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Hi neighbour!

I'm still laughing about it!

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British Columbian here. I grew up in the 80s and did the Valley Girl talk too.