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SD15 upcoming visit dread

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I am starting to really dread sd15's upcoming weekend visit. We have 2 family functions on Saturday (1 with my family and the other with his). Sd has made it clear that my family is in no way a priority for her so hoping she chooses to stay home for that. I made it clear to dh that I would prefer that she stay home as opposed to whining to leave. The other family function she will attend but will no doubt show very little interest and find fault in me for getting along better with her family than she does since she is hardly ever around them.

I'm also dreading the stress dh exudes because sd and I hardly ever speak to one another. I juste don't care if we speak and prefer that we don't. She puts on an act towards me anyway and there's nothing more I hate other than liars is fake people. Some times I think I should be fake nice to her so when she does something disrespectful towards me then dh will see his dd for what she is. But then I know that dh will look past any of that.

I just have to find something to do on Sunday until she leaves. Something fun that she will want to do but won't get to do. Is that bad of me?

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Oh yeah! Our date! Can't wait. Smile Then I can make it home before sd leaves and tell them all about the movie that I forgot she wanted to see and show them everything I bought that she wanted. My bad.

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So now sd is not coming until sometime saturday instead of Friday night. I reminded dh of my family's get together Saturday afternoon and that we are not adjusting our plans. Let's see how this will play out.

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honestly, that's how i deal with my SD.

i dont even take her to my family stuff. if it falls on my fiance's weekend with her, he has the choice to cancel her and come with me or miss the event. most of the time he cancels or swaps days around.

his family stuff is ok because i adore his niece. she's the one who should have been his kid! she's more like my fiance than she is her father, and my SD is more like her uncle than my fiance. i wish every day we could trade kids. lol

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Nothing yet, Sally. The standard MO for her though is to wait til the very last minute possible to cancel. If he doesn't go to pick her until Saturday, she will have to work around our schedule cuz we'll be about an hour out of town at my family thing and another 45 minutes from where he'll pick her up. Then we will have to go to his family thing not long after we get back. I'm not budging on my family thing and will stay til it's over or I'm ready to leave. Dh and sd will be TSOL.