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SD15 visit

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Dh apparently made plans to have MIL pick up sd15 since we were going to be at my family get-together on Saturday when she was going to be arriving. I was having a good time so wasn't even looking at the time and ended up staying longer than expected. Then MIL called as we were on the way home to say that sd was going to stay with her until his family was to meet that night. When we met for dinner sd did not acknowledge me so I carried on talking with my mom and dh's brother having a great time in spite of sd trying to be the center of attention. Made sure to show everyone pictures posted my niece of the fun we had earlier. After dinner we invited everyone over to our house for a bit (my idea). Sd was not thrilled (this was just a happy accident). I did make a point to say hi sd while in the car with dh going to our house being sure to be sickening sweet. Once everyone left I went up to bed as I was exhausted and getting a headache.

Yesterday I kept busy redoing our bedroom furniture as we are redecorating our bedroom. I can't wait for her see the completed room and ask daaaaadeeeee if she can do hers now. I've told dh that he has to figure that all at cuz I want nothing to do with it as I'm going to work all the other rooms in the house.

All in all it was a pretty take visit since she wasn't with us very much but will be planning for the next visit in hopes I'll have more time to Tick the Teenager. }:)

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I used to give suggestions on decor for her room but then dh gets the credit when telling sd about it so I don't even saying anything. I doubt he'll be in a hurry cuz he will end up doing it all. Work is not in her vocabulary. Oh well her bedroom door is shut when she's not here so I could care less. She can admire the rest of the house.

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I used to decorate Chucky's room and buy his toys until he told me how shit it all was and me of course. Now all his d├ęcor and toys are at granny's, where he still hates them as they're associated with me.

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Not better. In my case I had to learn that lesson after wasting too much of my time and money.