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Just great!

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A dog at BM's had to be put down, which means SD15 will be milking it for all it's worth! She finally stopped about the breakup of her 4 month relationship! Now we will have 2-3 months worth of "dog died" when she never acted like she even cared about the dog when it was alive! I get grieving over a pet...was really sad when I had to put down my 13 year old Maine Coon...but it isn't a life stopping event! SD15 will make it such! So glad I don't have to be at church Sunday. SD15 will be telling everyone who will listen about the dog milking it for sympathy!

She already has it plastered all over the social media reeling in the sympathy comments! Don't get me wrong...I'm not heartless...I get the attachments to pets. It's just knowing SD15's M.O. And dreading being anywhere near her the next 2-3 months. She will be milking this one for all it's worth!

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Oh...I will still come across a picture of my pretty boy and get a little sad. Problem is SD15 takes it over the top...even for a 15 year old girl! A month from now, she will still be making daily posts about how depressed she is fishing for sympathy and attention. Any time she is called on her attitude, it will be blamed on the dog. If she can get a way to post to Instagram, there will be "crying" pictures and depressing song lyrics! I wouldn't put it against her to try to get DH to give her one of MY cats again! Yup, she has already tried this more than once..."but I don't have a pet in this house"! No way in hell!

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She's not having a pet at this house! She won't take care of it! She had hermit crabs last summer...never fed them and never cleaned the cage...died in one week! Even then, she didn't do anything with the dead crabs until her room stunk to high heaven and DH ordered her to take care of it! The dogs we have will be scratching at the door to go out, and she will walk right by them and ignore them! DH will ask SD15 to feed them while he fills a jug to get the dogs water, and she gets all huffy like it is some big chore to pour food in their bowls! pets for her! I have my own to take care of...not going to take care of one so she has something to sleep with! I could just imagine...the dog will need to go out in the morning, and she will refuse to get up. Then, we have pee soaked carpet in her room and daily piles of thanks!

Turns out this dog wasn't even at BM's house...but SD15's grandmother had the dog...and has had the dog for the last few years. BM sent the dog over there because her son was trying to beat it. SD15 has seen the dog maybe 4 times since! So no...she wasn't that attached to the dog, but she will make it out to everyone like she was.

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Drama and sympathy trolling makes we wanna puke. :sick:

I bite my tongue on it for a while then I confront it once it has reached a level of pathetic that I can no longer ignore. Legitimate grieving I understand and support but the 'feel bad for me because I am special' bullshit I cannot ignore.

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Exactly! I mean, when we had to put the pretty boy down, I posted it on Facebook, but that was mostly because the cat was notorious! He attacked just about everyone who came in the house over his If you have ever seen a male Maine Coon, you know they are rather large and rather intimidating-looking. People would be scared of him when they walked in the door, he could sense their uneasiness, and then they would try to make nice with him. Not a good idea! We would even warn people to just act like he wasn't there and let him warm to them, but very few listened. So me posting about his passing waste of a to come to our house!

But that was my only mention of it in our circle of friends and family! Unless someone else brought it up (like I said...he was notorious), I just left it alone.

SD15 doesn't even have any pictures of the dog...let alone her and the dog! Pretty much, you could compare her relationship to the dog as being as though it were the neighbors dog...occasionally she would play with it, but most of the time she couldn't care either way if it was there or not.

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Oh...I learned well with the breakup thing. Whenever the subject comes up, I just walk away! I'm not going to act the least little bit concerned about the whole thing. The little girl needs to understand that things don't always go our way in life, and you need to move on! Personally, I thought this dog disappeared years ago, because there hasn't been a word about him for a while and didn't see him at BM's (of course, the way BM takes care of pets is throw them in the back yard and forget they exist).

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Get her a chimpanzee. If she doesn't feed it then it might very well eat her. WinWin.

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Lol...couldn't make her room smell any worse! Could possibly be trained to clean up after her!

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Okay...I think I'm gonna puke!

We picked up SD15 a bit ago on our way home. Of course, she came dragging out of BM's like her world was ended. The entire trip home (about 25 miles worth) DH is baby-talking her trying to cheer her up! At one point, while he is driving, he starts playing thumb war with SD15 is in the back seat!!! When I get upset about this (as the going side to side), DH says all playfully, "uh oh SD15...we got in trouble." Are you seriously kidding me?

And now that we are home, it is all about SD15 as DH is worshiping the ground the princess walks on all because the dog died and "it's so terrible for her" (his words). It is an evening about what she wants to watch on TV, DH is washing the towels that were all over the floor of the bathroom SD15 uses (guess she is totally useless due to grief), etc. guess he won't mind if I go to bed without him, if you catch my drift. }:)

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Talked to DH at my lunch break from training. Didn't ask about SD15, but DH volunteers information that SD15 wasn't hungry for either breakfast or lunch, so he just took her back to BM's ask he agreed with SD15. WTH? He let's her get away with not eating for 3 meals straight? Yeah...she is playing up the dog depression...too depressed to even eat and just wants to be with BM, and DH is going right along with it! He only made her come home to go to church this morning, which she hates why did he even waste the gas!

Ugh!!! I knew she would play this up, but to the point of not eating is a but much! DH should have add her eat something, rather than allow her to starve herself! Yeah...she has been skipping lots of meals lately already...typical...starvation phase to get ready for school to start! Waiting for that call because she falls out during summer band, and DH will expect me to get her! He can take of work and do it...and then finally deal with these stupid eating disorders!

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im starting to think that even if your SD were to DIE, your husband would still be in some sort of blind, dumb, denial state of mind.